Setting multiple lineups in the PFF DFS Lineup Optimizer

"Find a stack you like and use it in a lot of lineups" is common DFS advice, and Tyler Loechner shows how to use our tool to do that.

| 9 months ago
(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

(Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Setting multiple lineups in the PFF DFS Lineup Optimizer

This series will highlight unique ways in which you can use the DFS Lineup Optimizer tool to build a winning roster. Before Week 1, we examined how you can use the tool to choose a stud wide receiver on DraftKings, and last week, we showed you how to find DFS bargains using the tool.

This week, we’ll highlight how you can use the DFS lineup optimizer to build multiple, unique GPP rosters. We’ll use DraftKings as the example.

Since most GPP lineups should feature some sort of stack (usually QB/WR), the first mission was to find out which QB/WR stack to build our rosters around. We turned to Mike Castiglione’s under-the-radar fantasy quarterback options to find some potential Week 3 suitors. Joe Flacco jumped out as a great option.

In the PFF DFS lineup optimizer tool, I set Flacco’s “exposure” to 100 percent. I also did this for Flacco’s most explosive wideout, Mike Wallace.


I want to build five different GPP lineups, and I’m going to need to identify a few more than two players I like this week. When building multiple lineups, you want to make sure you have a few “core” players to build around.

In addition to Flacco and Wallace, I told the lineup optimizer to include Delanie Walker and Todd Gurley in the lineups as well, and to include Jarvis Landry in 60 percent of the generated rosters (three of the five).

I’ve chosen these players as examples. You’ll want to create your own core group to build around. Be sure to include a contrarian pick or two if you want a real shot at taking down a GPP.

Once I had my core set, the tool was then able to automatically fill out the rest of my rosters with players who provide solid value this week. I was able to review each individual lineup — all of which had my Flacco/Wallace stack to go along with Todd Gurley and Delanie Walker — and make any tweaks necessary.

For example, if you don’t like the D/ST the lineup optimizer suggested, you can go in and swap it out. Also, if there’s a player that you want to fade this week, you can remove him from the player pool by simply clicking the “X” next to his name. When the tool is generating lineups, it won’t even consider that player.

The tool is capable of generating up to 100 unique lineups for your tournaments, and you’re able to export all lineups to a .csv file directly from the tool. That .csv file can then be uploaded onto a site like DraftKings, and all of your lineups will be automatically imported onto the site, ready for entry.

This is a fast and easy way to generate multiple tournament lineups for your favorite DFS site — and it’s entirely customizable to fit around your favorite core group of players and desired exposures on any given week.

Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

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