Bold fantasy predictions for each NFL division

Jamaal Charles not top 10? Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb back to normal? Mike Tagliere justifies his boldest calls of the season.

| 11 months ago
(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Bold fantasy predictions for each NFL division

It’s that time of the year, gang. Flags are being planted in the ground for everyone’s breakout players, while others are saying they are ridiculous. It’s one thing to tweet out a bold call; no one will remember a tweet a week later. It’s another thing altogether to publish the biggest calls, the ones that could earn the most mockery if they end up wrong.

That’s right, this article will likely be the death of me at the end of the season if I swing and miss. However, it will also be the place for my deepest confessions that may turn out to be right, and what I would point to if that were to happen. This is the place where I said “forget traditional projections, and go with your heart.” This… is my bold predictions confession booth.

Below you will find a bold prediction for each division, but calls that I can still see coming true. It’s no sense to go crazy and say Roddy White will sign and be a top-five receiver. These are bold, but they’re also possible … and if you’re with me, probable.

NFC North

Aaron Rodgers will be the No. 1 fantasy quarterback, Eddie Lacy will be the No. 1 fantasy running back, and Randall Cobb will be a top-12 wide receiver once again.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rodgers is the No. 1 quarterback, because he has finished as a top-two quarterback in six of the last eight seasons. It would have been seven of the last eight if not for his shoulder injury in 2013 that caused him to miss seven games. Eddie Lacy was widely considered the safest first-round running back last year, but most have forgotten why he was considered that. You can read more in detail on Lacy here. Randall Cobb was another player whose previous triumphs have been forgotten in many places — he was the No. 6 fantasy wide receiver in 2014, and was No. 7 in 2013 before getting injured. While most are suggesting you take Golden Tate over him, I wrote why you shouldn’t here.

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  • Chad

    Some of these are not that bold 😉
    For AFC West I would have probably gone AJ Green finishes season as Number 1 fantasy WR or Demarius Thomas finishes outside the top 20 fantasy WRs. If going RB I would have said Latavius Murray finishes as RB10.

    • Mike Tagliere

      I like your choices here, and although you may not call some of mine bold, they’re well outside of the norm of opinions in the industry. Love your Green call, just thought the Bell one was more bold than that.

  • Daniel

    I know it’s bold predictions, but that Jordan Reed taek is kinda bad: yes he has concussion/injury concerns for sure and that obviously would keep him out of top 5 if he missed a ton of games. But if you look at 2015 splits Jordan Reed actually scored 3.5 PPR points more per game in the 9 games with DeSean on the field. And maybe Matt Jones instead of Alf takes away maybe 1 target per game at the absolute most? These all just seem like bad/nit-picking arguments (other than injury)… Like his upside is literally Gronk level production in the 4th round. Honestly one of the best values in current ADP

  • hotbari

    There is zero chance that both Rodgers and Lacy are number one. Either or but not both.

    • Conor MacIntyre

      Here is my Bold prediction. Rogers finishes outside top 6 QBs. I think Rogers has been figured out keep him in the pocket and not let him extend plays.

      • Brandon J Haas

        Hes been figured out but had over 30 tds last year?