Beat our PFF fantasy experts in FanDuel and win your share of $6,500

Of course, you can also win PFF All-Access. Really, this is worth it no matter how you slice it. Play. Win.

| 10 months ago

Beat our PFF fantasy experts in FanDuel and win your share of $6,500

“FanDuel.” Take away what we know about the company, the daily fantasy, all that, and look at the name. At its core, it suggests a battle of fans, squaring off in something or other. And for the majority of FanDuel’s existence, that’s been the point. You draft your best one-week (or one-day) team, pit it against other fans, and see what happens.

That’s still going, of course. But this season, there’s another aspect of FanDuel, and it throws a kink in that name — you can play against the experts. For the first 10 weeks of the season, there will be $5 tournaments. In each one, the top 250 players will double up their money. But also playing in these tournaments will be three of PFF’s experts — Jeff Ratcliffe, Brandon Marianne Lee and Pat Thorman. They know their stuff. And if you can beat all three of them in these tournaments, not only can you win that double-up, but you’ll be entered into a Week 11 tournament, in which there will be $6,500 in prizes and PFF subscriptions available to win.

That’s right, all you have to do is finish ahead of three of our fantasy specialists. You don’t have to win, you technically don’t even have to finish in the money — if all three of our experts bomb out in a week and finish last, second-to-last and third-to-last, heck, you’re already there. But these are our experts, so you’re better off to be shooting for that top spot.

In addition to those prizes every week, the Week 11 showdown includes $1,000 and a PFF All-Access subscription for first place, $500 and All-Access for second, $250 and All-Access for third, and cash prizes for all of the top 230 that week.

Long story short: For as little as a $5 FanDuel entry, you could win more than a thousand bucks and a year subscription to our All-Access, which gets you Fantasy Gold, our DFS Pro tool, our NFL Player Grades, our insight and analysis, really everything you might want. It’s a heck of a return on investment for $5.

(Of course, we still have another deal — open up a new FanDuel account with a $10 deposit, and you get a year-long subscription to Fantasy Gold. There’s no glory for beating experts in that, but it’s still a fun little deal.)

That’s why, at least for this contest, “FanDuel,” might not be the perfect name. But “FanAndExpertDuel” really doesn’t roll off the tongue. Oh well. You get the point.

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    What are your experts names on FD?