Fantasy Football ADP Trends – June to July

Akshay Anand takes a look at trends in average draft position (ADP) from June to July.

| 4 years ago

Fantasy Football ADP Trends – June to July

During the offseason, average draft positions tend to shift wildly for players year in year out. Drafting season is about to hit full swing as we roll into August, so ADPs can give us a decent bit of foresight into some of your fellow drafters’ potential mindsets. In this article, we’ll take a look at why some of those changes are occurring and whether those players are still a good value based on the direction their ADPs are headed.

Lamar Miller, RB – Miller has gone from an early fourth-rounder to an early third-rounder over the last month, thanks in part to plenty of buzz and positive word-of-mouth from coaches. With Reggie Bush gone, Daniel Thomas junk, and Mike Gilislee a low-round rookie, the job is Miller’s to run with. His current ADP puts him at RB19, meaning he’s being taken as a solid RB2. Miller’s 2012 had a fairly limited sample size with only 51 rush attempts, but he certainly fared well, compiling 4.9 yards per carry and 2.7 yards after contact per attempt. The latter figure would have placed him in the top 20 for running backs over a full season. At this point, with the amount of uncertainty around the RB position, Miller isn’t much different, but offers the potential (especially from a volume perspective) to be a worthy RB2.

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