Ezekiel Elliott is a top 5 fantasy RB

Scott Barrett explains why Ezekiel Elliott now belongs in the top five running backs in fantasy football.

| 1 year ago
(Jon Durr/Getty Images)

(Jon Durr/Getty Images)

Ezekiel Elliott is a top 5 fantasy RB

Last Thursday, with the No. 4 overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected running back Ezekiel Elliott … and I screamed a little (okay, maybe a lot.) This was the dream scenario I was praying for. All of my MFL10 and dynasty shares of Elliott catapulted in value on the spot.

Elliott will almost assuredly be the first overall pick in all of your dynasty rookie drafts, but things get a bit murkier when attempting to rank him for dynasty startups and redraft leagues. Can we really trust a running back who has never played an NFL snap? What of last year’s starter Darren McFadden, or the money they spent on Lance Dunbar and Alfred Morris this offseason?

I’m trying my hardest not to overreact to this selection, trying to temper my expectations and not fall victim to “hot take-itis”, but even as I attempt to be as shrewd as possible, I can’t help but want to rank him among my top five running backs in both dynasty and redraft leagues. Here’s why:

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Scott Barrett is our Senior Fantasy Analyst and one of the main hosts of our Fantasy Slant podcast.



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    i saw you already posted a 2017 mock with 4 RB’s goin in the first something i think it’s very possible. I wanted the cowboys to wait a little because of that. How do you -PFF staff- think Ellito compares to those backs, Fournette, Cook, Chubb, McCaffrey? it isn’t possible dallas could have waited a year and get similar value but later in the draft with those options? among the 5 who do you think is the better?

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