Check out the PFF fantasy draft tool

Our new mock draft tool looks amazing, and it's available now as a beta. Get in on the ground floor.

| 11 months ago
Beta 1 again

Check out the PFF fantasy draft tool

Fantasy football never really ends. Season preparation is already in full swing, and with that, our PFF draft tool is out in beta form (you can access it here). You can import the settings from your own league, create a custom league, create completely customizable rankings and cheat sheets, and host your own mock draft.

You’ll find these tools are … well, they’re awesome. You’re thinking about drafting a player and need more information? Click analysis.

Beta 3

You want to print out and/or store some cheat sheets for your live draft? Here’s one, but with everything fully customizable, and access to each of our analysts’ rankings, you can break it down just about any way you want to. Got a strategy you want to try? Get a new cheat sheet, run a new mock draft, and see how your roster looks.

Beta 2

At the end of your draft, everything is together in one place that looks beautiful.

Beta 4

Give the beta a try. Click around for a bit and try some drafts. It’s fantasy football season, now and forever, and we’ll get you more prepared than anyone else. Here’s that link again.

Draft Guide 2016

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  • Aaron Beach

    hmmm can’t find my cbssports league, tried many variations of the url

    • rlwomack

      Same with MFL.

      • Gaetano Egidio

        Yes, same thing here for my MFL.

  • singerdj

    Looks like really nice tool. Will there be an updates to include auction values/rankings? Thanks.