Boring fantasy draft picks that are still worth it

No one is going to make a commotion because you drafted these guys, but Brandon Marianne Lee says that shouldn't put you off them.

| 12 months ago
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Boring fantasy draft picks that are still worth it

It happens every year. You’re sitting there at your fantasy football draft, cheat sheet in hand, and a certain player keeps dropping. He’s ranked well, but keeps getting skipped over. Is there something you don’t know that everyone else knows? You Google the player… no injury. No news about him losing his starting role. And yet something in your gut tells you there is a reason. There has to be a reason as to why no one will draft this guy, right?

Sadly, three weeks into the season, you realize there was no reason and that player is doing just fine.

Often, these players drop because no one is talking about them. They’re boring. They’re not going to have a “breakout season” because they broke out years ago. We take their productivity for granted, and analysts barely even say their names aloud during all of the preseason chatter.

Many a talking head would argue that “boring” players have low ceilings and that’s why they don’t encourage others to draft them. I’d argue most of them have high floors, so why not? Also, many of these players are older and analysts project a drop-off. But a drop-off to what? Top-20 play instead of top-five? You need players that score points on your roster. That’s how fantasy works.

Let’s start by acknowledging why people might avoid these players and then why they’re still fantasy relevant. Sometimes you have to look the boogeyman right in the face.

All of these players have zero buzz and no one is going to yell, “Nice pick!” Instead, these are the players that could quietly get you to the championship.

Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings (Current MFL ADP: 21)

Reasons to avoid: Adrian Peterson is 31 years old. That’s the main reason, but the real non-believers will point to his lack of use in the passing game (only 30 catches for 222 yards and no touchdowns in 2016) and that his rushing grade on a per-attempt basis fell for the third straight year (that he actually played). There are also those who won’t draft him based on his domestic violence incident that held him out the majority of the 2014 season.

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Brandon Marianne Lee is a PFF Fantasy contributor, a SiriusXM host, co-founder of Her Fantasy Football and was a finalist for FSWA's Newcomer of the Year in 2014.

  • Mike B


    I think you are screening off the wrong ADP data. For MFL 10’s, 25’s, etc. (since June 1st) AP’s ADP is 13 and Charles is 19.6. Also, Fitz is 48 not 71.*&INJURED=0&CUTOFF=5&FRANCHISES=-1&IS_PPR=-1&IS_KEEPER=3&IS_MOCK=-1&TIME=1464753600

    Having said that, really enjoyed you on the recent podcast! PFF is lucky to have you.


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  • Phil Taylor

    Absolutely brilliant article. We don’t need a rehash of the first round players. Like you said, the high floor is more important than the high ceiling. I won my league last year on the strength of boring Larry Fitzgerald in the 9th and Eric Decker in the 11th. Neither had any buzz but they churned out points all season long. Boring is good. You don’t win leagues in the first round, you win them in the middle rounds with smart picks like the ones in this article.