2016 college fantasy conference-by-conference preview

Wes Huber is previewing the college football fantasy season, with an in-depth look at each conference's fantasy options.

| 12 months ago
(AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

(AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

2016 college fantasy conference-by-conference preview

We’re rolling out our college fantasy football preview here on PFF, with Wes Huber going conference-by-conference and division-by-division to offer a full look at the fantasy options in the college season to come. We’ll have a handful of pieces a week as we run through the college landscape.



As always, expect Alabama to offer some big names. The usual suspects should chime in with plenty of fantasy value on their own rosters, as well.


The East might not have the traditional firepower of the West, but Tennessee, Georgia and others certainly offer some big names for fantasy players to work with. Of course, there’s also Missouri, so it’s not all rosy.



Clemson is still likely to be the focal point of fantasy attention, but Florida State has some to offer as well. Dig a little deeper for some gems on Louisville, but for heaven’s sake, avoid Syracuse and Wake Forest.


Miami carries plenty of potential, and James Conner’s return should make Pitt a relevant team as well. Not a lot of superstars here, but plenty of next-tier guys should offer fantasy goodness.

Big Ten


Once again, Ohio State has most of the prizes here, but an enterprising fantasy player will be able to find some value on just about all of the division’s rosters.


This division lacks some star power, though there are some tight end and running back options for the savvy fantasy player who does the right research.

Big 12

Part 1

In a conference full of offensive firepower, there are a whole host of names to keep an eye on.

Part 2

Once again, we have a whole lot of offensive firepower here, even with questions surrounding the situation in Baylor. Just, you know, stay away from Kansas.



Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey and Oregon’s Royce Freeman are the headliners in the division, but you can find value on several of the rosters out west.


The South doesn’t offer the same firepower as the North division, but there are pieces here. Just don’t look for many of them to come out of the Colorado program.

FBS Independents

Three teams remain independent — Army, BYU and Notre Dame. There is fantasy value to be had here, so long as you focus on the latter two. Please don’t go looking on the Army roster for your fantasy team. It won’t go well.



There are some really bad teams here, but there is some value on the bigger-name programs. We’ll show you where to look.


You’ll find college fantasy’s No. 1 overall quarterback here. There’s a little more in the division, but Houston’s Greg Ward Jr. is the real highlight.

Conference USA


You’ll want to focus most of your fantasy attention on Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky, but there are some potential value players on other rosters as well


Fantasy prospects are hard to come by out here. Louisiana Tech and Southern Mississippi will both have a little to offer, but there are some rosters in this division that are just total stayaways.



There are some truly rough rosters in the MAC’s East Division where you aren’t likely to find much of anything for fantasy. But if you stick to teams like Akron and Ohio University, there are some finds that can make it worthwhile.


Well, there’s certainly Western Michigan’s Corey Davis. After him, the West features far more firepower than the conference’s East Division, and there are some real finds on several rosters. But Davis is the headline.



A division without strong defenses with several teams rostering strong running backs? There is certainly some fantasy firepower to be had from this part of the Mountain West.


One great defense and a couple of teams on the rise make for some interesting options in the West Division, and there are some sneaky under-the-radar plays on the other rosters.

Sun Belt

It’s a conference in flux, as we’re a year away from some teams being added and some moving out of the FBS. The end result is several rosters that aren’t going to help you as much as you’d like. But there are some finds to be found.