Fantasy: 2011 Average Draft Position

| 6 years ago

Fantasy: 2011 Average Draft Position

It’s never too early to start thinking about where players will go in 2011 fantasy drafts. After all, we already have player rankings, which means that an Average Draft Position (ADP) list is the only thing between us and those always-fun over/under-rated articles.

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To come up with these ADPs, my friend Jim Day over at has been running what we like to call ‘Draftmaster’ leagues over at I took part in the first of these drafts and you can see the results, as well as, the league settings here. Dozens of drafts are either complete or in progress, which gives us a decent sample size to work with. Note that the league scoring is PPR and the drafts last 16 rounds (10 starters, 6 bench). Also note that these are not simply mock drafts. Once the draft is complete, no roster moves are allowed. The league is rotisserie and best-ball in format, which means that we can look back this time next year to see how well each participant fared. Without further ado, here are current ADPs:

ADP Tool designed by Simon Shepherd of

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