Eric Ebron still isn’t seeing many targets

The No. 10 overall pick from 2014 didn't have a big workload as a rookie -- and so far he has had a quiet preseason.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Paul Sancya

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Eric Ebron still isn’t seeing many targets

Last year the Detroit Lions drafted Eric Ebron in the first round with the expectation that he would be able to create even more mismatches for an offense that already had a pair of really good pass-catchers in Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.

But he didn’t see all that much action in 2014, as the Lions only targeted him 46 times the entire season — 28th in the league among tight ends. He was lined up in the slot 52 percent of the time, but was only targeted 19 times from that position, as Detroit was far more willing to target their running backs than they were Ebron.

Ebron figured to see more targets this season, but so far in the preseason he has only been thrown at twice. That could change these next two weeks or in the regular season, but with the addition of second-round pick Ameer Abdullah at running back to pair with Joique Bell, and the return to health of Johnson (not to mention Tate, who is coming off of a breakout season), there might not be a ton of targets to go around.

So long as the team is winning, Ebron’s workload won’t matter — but to this point the Lions haven’t seen the type of return on investment you’d expect in a top-10 draft pick.

  • Jake Bumgarner

    Is he getting open and not getting looks or is he not getting open? Staying in to block perhaps?

    • Malachi

      whether “open” or not, he’s not being targeted is the point. and i doubt they ask him to block often if at all since he isn’t good at it

      • Kent Lee Platte

        This is actually incorrect. Ebron isn’t an elite blocker, but he’s pretty good. People tend to associate receiving TE with bad blocker, but isn’t always or even often the case.

        • Ganagei Waya Kataga

          Ebron is actually the third best blocker on the roster. Pettigrew is first. Followed by Fauria if he ever stays healthy. Then Ebron. But you are right, the coaching staff has been doing wonders teaching Ebron and Fauria how to block. Both were pass catching TE’s in college and you have to go back to their HS days to find them blocking. And last I checked, HS doesn’t always use professional techniques.

  • Zac Snyder

    Let’s slow down a bit and realize this is based on only 24 preseason snaps with just 13 routes run by Ebron.

    • leona.bennett2

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  • Alex

    This should have never been written. We’re talking about the preseason. He’s gotten plenty of looks in practice with the first-team offense. Come on.

  • Kent Lee Platte

    Man, two weeks into the preseason and he hadn’t had a dozen targets? They should cut him immediately. Clearly, they don’t need hik since they have Greg Salas. I’m not looking at a boX score right now, but I know he’s had more targets.

  • seenable

    Is this really a post here?

  • moore2come

    …anytime an outsider tries to figure out what’s going on with any team usually winds up being a fail