Eagles: Quarterback decision looming

| 3 years ago

Eagles: Quarterback decision looming

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly recently mentioned that quarterback Nick Foles’ broken left collarbone is healing on schedule, which could put him on track for a return towards the end of the regular season. It was assumed Foles would reclaim the starting position upon his return, but Mark Sanchez has played just well enough to suggest that the Eagles have a decision to make, and has the chance to further stake him claim in the run-in.

In five games Sanchez has thrown for 1400 yards (7.95 yards per attempt), eight touchdowns and six interceptions, on his way to a -3.7 passing grade, an 81.06 PFF QB Rating and a 69.4 Accuracy Percentage. While prior to his injury, Foles had thrown for 2167 yards (6.95 yards per attempt), thirteen touchdowns and 10 interceptions, earning a -7.9 passing grade, a 79.08 PFF QB Rating and a 68.8% Accuracy Percentage. Numbers that appear to give Sanchez a slight edge.

However it is worth noting that Sanchez has been able to benefit from the return to health of the offensive line. Also, while it’s true that Foles has struggled in 2014, his 99.91 PFF QB Rating led all quarterbacks in 2013 and his 74.2 Accuracy Percentage far exceeds the mark that either Eagles QB has achieved this year. Sanchez may be edging ahead of the 2014 Foles, but he has yet to show he can come close to replicating Foles 2013 form.

  • Dohkay

    Either way, next season my bet is they have an entirely different QB. If Chip gets to draft the QB of his liking that offense will be frightening.

    • Jay

      I think this offense would be perfect for Griffin. But it’s going to be an interesting off season.

      • jason

        Griffin ganna be a burger tosser in two years

      • [email protected]

        It would be, i just think he’s done physically. Its too bad. I think he’s bone on bone in that knee and that sort of situation never gets better.

      • South Philly Steve.

        Any “decent” offense would be good for RGIII. I strongly recommend the Rams – Raiders -Tampa Bay – Jags or any other ” team under 300% would benefit from RGIII. He’s not even “warm” at this point. GO EAGLES !!

  • [email protected]

    The Seahawks are going to do things to Mark Sanchez sunday that should not be legal. Don’t let your children watch this game.

  • Bob

    I think there was some sort of discussion at the beginning of the year of a potential Lesean McCoy and Philly’s first rounder and a first rounder next year for Oakland’s first round pick so that Chip Kelly could get his college QB in Mariota… that would be interesting if it happens