Eagles: Murray replaces McCoy

| 2 years ago

Eagles: Murray replaces McCoy

PFF-headlinesWhen the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy to the Bills, few foresaw that move paving the way for a potential upgrade at the position. Yet that maybe what’s happened as the Eagles have added DeMarco Murray, the league’s leading rusher in 2014. Based on recent production alone, as outlined in our free agent profile, Murray should have been among the first free agents signed. However early interest appears to have been lukewarm, a return to Dallas was slow to materialize, and some running back needy teams found other solutions; leaving the Eagles as the major beneficiaries. It should also help appease a Philadelphia fan base concerned about the talent drain on offense.

As a rusher, Murray was our second-ranked back (+16.8) behind only Marshawn Lynch in 2014. Murray ranked in the top 10 among starters in pretty much every conceivable rushing statistic, including Breakaway Percentage (33.8), after amassing 619 yards on runs of at least 15 yards, more than any other back in the league.

Murray’s work rate in 2014 (498 total touches) has been cited as a concern, as discussed in our PFF Short podcast series, but it should not be considered a foregone conclusion that Murray will take a step back in 2015. He has moved from rushing behind our second-best run blocking line in the league in 2014, to rushing behind our best run blocking line from last season. Moreover the Eagles are sure to keep him fresh by adding Darren Sproles, Carlos Polk and Ryan Mathews to the mix at running back. Murray’s total touches may decrease, but he should continue destroying the defenses of the NFC East; to the chagrin of his former employers and the benefit of his new.

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  • Jason Williams

    Murray DOES NOT replace McCoy. You can’t replace a shady mccoy.

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      he’s better at avoiding negative runs tho

    • steve phillips

      why? b/c you say so?? thats exactly we why MOST of us subscribe to PFF. so we use the stats to be logical and not make stoopid-emotional decisions based on ego and ignorance.

      • Jason Williams

        ego and ignorance. Dang….whoof… that’s a little below the belt partner :)

        • TrueBearFan 1-15

          Well I put it in simple terms so you can understand DeMarco Murray > Lesean McCoy> Matt Forte get it now bear fan

    • Joeseph Richards

      True not to many backs run side to side in this league. Certainly excited to have signed a North South back in Murray

    • James Thomas

      I respect your opinion but I disagree. I also disagree with the premise of the article. I believe McCoy was going anyway. I believe that had the Bills not offered the LB in a trade, Kelly would have cut McCoy… Still, I realize that Murray will literally replace McCoy – actually Matthews & McCoy will replace Shady… On what do you base your opinion?

    • GunnyNinja

      Well no, you can’t. You just get a guy who doesn’t run as many yards towards the bench instead of the endzone.

    • GunnyNinja

      I also didn’t hear Murray badmouthing his old team. Class is hard to replace, unless you don’t have any

  • Cyrus Naser

    Heads up, it’s Chris Polk, not Carlos Polk… Good article though.