Duel Action – Week 14 FanDuel Plays

Jeff Ratcliffe breaks down his DFS strategies for Week 14 at FanDuel giving and optimized 50-50 lineup and GPP plays.

| 3 years ago
Arian Foster

Duel Action – Week 14 FanDuel Plays

93990_Jaguars_Texans_FootballWell that was fun. Our seemingly cringe-worthy lineup with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm went ballistic last week for 172.02 points, which was a season-high and more than good enough to cash in all contests played.

Overall, we netted $140 on our $60 investment for the week. That brings our bankroll to $351.80 for the season.

Pedal to the medal.

This week, we’ll keep pushing. We’re going to toss a hefty $100 in play, which is equivalent to our initial roll. Oh, how far we’ve come. But it’s no time to rest on our laurels. There’s money to be made, so we’re going to play five $2 double ups, 10 $5 double ups, five $2 triple ups, and six $5 double ups.

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So here’s the play:

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Jeff Ratcliffe is the Assistant Managing Editor and resident IDP maven of PFF Fantasy.  

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| Director of Fantasy

Jeff Ratcliffe is the Director of Fantasy at Pro Football Focus. He produces all of our projections and is 2016's second-most-accurate ranker in the fantasy industry. Jeff also is the host of our show on SiriusXM fantasy sports radio and is one of the main hosts of our Fantasy Slant podcast.

  • tony weidner

    I am curious why the actual lineup that you played was dramatically different? The only two players from this lineup that you played were Stills and Garçon. i was looking through some of the higher scores in the larger D/U pool and recognized the screen name. foot call on fading Brees and playing Cam instead.

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  • John

    Hi tony, welcome to Fantasy football. The reason you saw his LU being different is because, surprise surprise he has more than one LU.

    • tony weidner

      Do you really find that surprising? That could be the case, however, I seriously doubt it due to his relatively low volume of play for how long he has been on Fanduel…But thank you for stating an obvious (not surprising) possibility