D/ST Wins Championships – Week 13

In his weekly column on D/STs, Eli Nachmany highlights three easily-acquired D/ST picks to help you win your Week 13 fantasy matchup.

| 3 years ago

D/ST Wins Championships – Week 13

geno-atkinsStarting the same D/ST every week is one of the worst moves a fantasy owner can make. It’s much safer to bet against a bad offense than it is to bet on a good defense. The notion of a ‘great’ D/ST is flawed; you can get top-level production by streaming defenses based on matchups. Check out this column every week to find out which D/STs you can and should pick up off of the waiver wire.

The Rules: Each week, I’ll highlight three easily-acquired D/STs that are worthy of a start in 12-team formats. The D/STs that I pick must be owned in less than 40 percent of leagues, so that each unit is likely available in your own league. To establish credibility over the course of the season, I’ll review how my picks from last week did.

Last Week’s Picks: Last week’s column produced an elite defense but had mixed success with its other two picks. The piece advised picking up one of the Rams, Bears or Cowboys D/ST. In a 12-team league, the Bears would have been an elite start while the Rams would also have been a legitimate start. The Bears and Rams’ D/STs finished third and seventh. Against the Giants on Sunday Night, the Cowboys made a few nice plays, but Odell Beckham outplayed the column and put up a good amount of points. Chicago was the flagship pick, but St. Louis had a big day as well.

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  • Jeff Vietri

    Yikes, cannot imagine the Falcons as a formidable option this week, but we’ll know soon enough.