Why Mitchell Trubisky makes draft sense for the Bears at third

Chicago signed Mike Glennon to play quarterback for at least 2017, but PFF premium stats show why spending an early pick on Trubisky might make sense too.

| 2 months ago
Mitchell Trubisky

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Why Mitchell Trubisky makes draft sense for the Bears at third

  • The Bears signed Mike Glennon this offseason to likely open 2017 as their starting quarterback. Glennon is a wild card, as he has played only 155 snaps over the past two seasons, and has yet to grade higher than average in any season.
  • Mitchell Trubisky is a top prospect this draft, despite having only started one season at UNC. In 2016 he completed 53.4 percent of his passes when under pressure, good for fourth in the FBS.
  • Trubisky did a great job on dropbacks lasting 2.5 seconds or less in the pocket. He achieved a 77.8 percent completion percentage on such drop backs (ranked fourth) and a 109.7 NFL QB rating.
  • Trubisky also did very well on deep passes last season. His NFL QB Rating of 119.0 on deep passes ranked fifth in the draft class and achieved a TD/INT ratio of 12.0, making him an attractive option at QB if you’re Kevin White.



Fantasy Slant: Trubisky to the Bears would be a plus for White’s long-term fantasy outlook. White has spent a majority of his first two professional seasons in the trainer’s room, but he possesses blazing speed, as was evidenced with his 4.35 40-yard dash time at the 2015 combine. Trubisky attempted a deep-ball throw on 17 percent of his passes last year. For comparison, Ben Roethlisberger led the NFL in 2016 with an attempt over 20 yards on 16.9 percent of his throws.

  • crosseyedlemon

    It was names like Nagurski and Butkus that put fear into opponents. We have no chance of doing that with some nancy boy named Mitch.

    • McGeorge





  • OnionKnight

    If the QB class is better next year as everyone is saying than you ride Glennon and if he flames out you are picking high and get a better QB prospect. Taking a mediocre QB prospect instead of blue chip talent on defense is just bad business.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Especially when they can’t count on Kevin White.