Top 50 undrafted free agents from 2016 NFL draft

Here are the best players in the 2016 draft class who didn't hear their names called in Rounds 1-7.

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(AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

(AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Top 50 undrafted free agents from 2016 NFL draft

The first three rounds of the NFL draft are over and done.

After months of grading every player on every snap in college football, re-watching the film and taking in all of the offseason workouts, the grinding is done but the draft is not.

As a reminder:  Our rankings rely heavily on our grading system that accounts for down-to-down production, but we’ve used all available information to shape the board whether that be workouts, projections, or off-field issues if they are clear.

Here are top 50 undrafted free agents coming out of the 2016 NFL draft:

For more in-depth breakdowns on every top prospect, check out our PFF scouting reports, our 2016 NFL draft guide, our pick-by-pick analysis of the first round, and our pick-by-pick analysis of the second and third rounds. The write-ups for players are pulled from the final draft board of 2016.

1. Jeremy Cash, S, Duke

Big Board Rank: 53

Position Rank: 2

Similar to Cravens, Cash attacks blockers with a vengeance, whether playing the run where he led all safeties with a +20.4 grade or as a pass rusher where he also led at +13.9. He’s yet another safety/linebacker hybrid who will start as a box player while learning a true safety role on the side.1.

2. Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa

Big Board Rank: 64

Position Rank: 11

He racked up 725 yards on passes travelling 20 yards or more downfield, including seven touchdowns, and dropped just three of the 99 catchable passes thrown his way in 2015. A big target at 6-feet-4, Garrett can make plays downfield.

3. De’Vante Harris, CB, Texas A&M

Big Board Rank: 69

Position Rank: 7

Allowed just one touchdown all season and showed a great ability to break on the ball and make plays. Realized his potential in his final year of college, and could be a better pro at the end of it all

4. Darius Latham, Defensive Interior, Indiana

Big Board Rank: 84

Position Rank: 17

A poor man’s Chris Jones. Latham has two strong years of production at Indiana under his belt.

5. Nick VanHoose, CB, Northwestern

Big Board Rank: 88

Position Rank: 10

Has a strange, wooden way of moving that looks very awkward at times, but it doesn’t prevent him from making plays, and a lot of them. Allowed fewer than 44 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught this past season and had the highest coverage grade in the nation.

6. Cre’Von LeBlanc, CB, Florida Atlantic

Big Board Rank: 93

Position Rank: 11

Plays bigger than he is, which he will need to, because he’s a lot smaller than what NFL teams would prefer.

7. Kevin Peterson, CB, Oklahoma State

Big Board Rank: 94

Position Rank: 12

Allowed just 5 catches over the first seven games of this past season before struggling down the stretch. Has good man coverage skills.

8. Matt Johnson, QB, Bowling Green

Big Board Rank: 110

Position Rank: 8

Questions about his size and the system at Bowling Green, but throws a go route better than any other QB in this draft. Threw for 1,698 yards and 20 touchdowns on passes 20 yards or further downfield, leading the nation in both categories.

9. Vernon Adams, Jr; QB, Oregon

Big Board Rank: 111

Position Rank: 9

Struggled early after arriving at Oregon, and dealt with a thumb injury, but graded at +14.7 from Week 10 onwards, showcasing some serious upside.

10. Byron Marshall, WR, Oregon

Big Board Rank: 121

Position Rank: 18

Missed most of 2015 through injury, but averaged yards per route run from the slot in 2014, the second-highest mark in this draft class that year.

11. Jack Allen, C, Michigan State

Big Board Rank: 122

Position Rank: 4

One of the highest-graded centers over the past two seasons, Allen plays with leverage as well as any center in the class.

12. Jake McGee, TE, Florida

Big Board Rank: 123

Position Rank: 4

One of the most naturally gifted receivers at the tight end position, McGee makes catching passes outside his frame look effortless.

13. Matt Skura, C, Duke

Big Board Rank: 128

Position Rank: 5

Possibly the most powerful center in the draft but very narrow scheme at Duke, just repeated same blocks consistently well.

14. Terrell Chestnut, CB, West Virginia

Big Board Rank: 129

Position Rank: 15

Strong corner at home in man coverage and short zones. Little less of a feel for the deep stuff, but injuries are his big question mark.

15. Will Anthony, Edge Defender, Navy

Big Board Rank: 132

Position Rank: 16

A clear standout on a pretty good Navy defense, Anthony took a huge step forward this season and was one of the most actively disruptive defensive linemen in the country. Playing primarily on the interior for Navy, he would be an edge defender at the next level, and actually had superior production when he played there for the Midshipmen.

16. Landon Turner, G, North Carolina

Big Board Rank: 133

Position Rank: 7

A run-blocking guard best-suited for a power scheme, Turner’s +22.3 run blocking grade ranked seventh among guards in the class..

17. Trevone Boykin, QB, TCU

Big Board Rank: 142

Position Rank: 10

A lot of people want to see him play wide receiver, but he deserves a shot at QB. Was our seventh-highest graded QB in the nation in 2015, and 14th in 2014.

18. Nelson Spruce, WR, Colorado

Big Board Rank: 145

Position Rank: 21

He doesn’t wow anyone as an athlete, and was timed at just 4.69 in the 40-yard dash. He does have excellent hands though, dropping just four of the 93 catchable passes thrown his way in 2015.

19. Taveze Calhoun, CB, Mississippi State

Big Board Rank: 147

Position Rank: 18

Plays well but struggles with quickness and fast movements. Had 12th-highest coverage grade in the draft class.

20. Nile Lawrence-Stample, DT, Florida State

Big Board Rank: 148

Position Rank: 22

Likely just an early down run stopper at the next level, Lawrence-Stample made the most of his 456 snaps last season to grade 26th against the run while providing a solid pass rush.

21. Nila Kasitati, G, Oklahoma

Big Board Rank: 152

Position Rank: 8

Powerful blocker on playside to create space, but pass protection is questionable (102nd in the class).

22. Cory Johnson, Defensive Interior, Kentucky

Big Board Rank: 156

Position Rank: 23

An active interior rusher, Johnson has quick hands and he can make plays up and down the line of scrimmage.

23. Darrell Greene, G, San Diego State

Big Board Rank: 157

Position Rank: 9

Greene was impressive on only 503 snaps in 2015, including a monster game against Utah State. His run blocking makes him an attractive mid-round option.

24. Tyler Gray, LB, Boise State

Big Board Rank: 160

Position Rank: 13

Gray was all over the field for Boise State, grading positively in all three areas and posting a +43.5 overall grade on 988 snaps the last two years.

25. Ryker Mathews, G, BYU

Big Board Rank: 164

Position Rank: 11

Working at both guard and tackle for BYU, Mathews was solid all-around in the run game and in pass protection and he brings positional versatility at the next level.

26. Eric Striker, Edge Defender, Oklahoma

Big Board Rank: 165

Position Rank: 20

Striker was one of our highest-graded pass rushers in 2014. Unfortunately his size limitations leave him without a true NFL position.

27. Terrell Lathan, Defensive Interior, TCU

Big Board Rank: 167

Position Rank: 26

Lathan pushed the pocket with his strength and long frame (most bull rush pressures per rush among all edge defenders in the nation) but he projects as more of a 3-4 defensive end project at the next level.

28. Kyle Rose, Defensive Interior, West Virginia

Big Board Rank: 168

Position Rank: 27

Playing nose tackle in West Virginia’s 3-3-5, Rose posted the 13th-best grade against the run and his 6-foot-4, 300-pound frame makes him an option as a run-stopping 3-4 defensive end at the next level.

29. Sterling Bailey, Defensive Interior, Georgia

Big Board Rank: 170

Position Rank: 28

Playing 3-4 defensive end in Georgia’s system, Bailey projects to do the same at the next level and he can carve out an early-down run stopping role after ranking 18th against the run among interior defensive linemen in the class.

30. Corey Tindal, CB, Marshall

Big Board Rank: 172

Position Rank: 22

Tindal had positive grades in all three major defensive categories (coverage, run support and pass rush) in both 2014 and 2015, and his film supports the grades. His toughness and versatility makes him an ideal late-round pick for teams needing help in the slot and on special teams.

31. Devon Cajuste, TE, Stanford

Big Board Rank: 174

Position Rank: 7

Purely an athlete, and a freakish one at that, at this point Cajuste could develop into a big-slot type.

32. Delvon Simmons, Defensive Interior, USC

Big Board Rank: 175

Position Rank: 29

An active interior rusher, Johnson has quick hands and he can make plays up and down the line of scrimmage.

33. Brennan Scarlett, Defensive Interior, Stanford

Big Board Rank: 178

Position Rank: 31

Using quick hands and quickness off the snap, Scarlett posted the No. 16 pass rush grade in the class. At 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds he may not have the juice to play 4-3 defensive end, but he could work as an interior pass rusher.

34. Jhurell Pressley, RB, New Mexico

Big Board Rank: 179

Position Rank: 12

Very athletic back who averaged 7.6 yards per carry and 3.8 yards after contact for New Mexico over the past two years. His run grades ranked third and 17th in the class in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

35. Trevon Coley, Defensive Interior, Florida Atlantic

Big Board Rank: 186

Position Rank: 32

Showing some burst off the ball, Coley’s +21.8 pass rush grade ranked 10th in the class and he was solid against the run at +10.2. At 6-foot-2, 300 pounds, he could work into the defensive line rotation on the interior.

36. Perez Ford, LB, Northern Illinois

Big Board Rank: 188

Position Rank: 15

As an undersized edge defender, Ford had impressive production as his +25.5 pass rush grade ranked 10th in the draft class. At 6-foot, 227 pounds, he’ll convert to linebacker at the next level, but he’s one of the many movable chess pieces that could make for an interesting nickel defender.

37. Eddie Yarbrough, Edge Defender, Wyoming

Big Board Rank: 192

Position Rank: 23

Powerful at the point of attack, Yarbrough can shed blocks and his +21.6 grade against the run ranked third among edge defenders in the class. That run game improvement plus a two-year pass rush grade of +25.1 give him a shot to stick as a rotational 4-3 defensive end.

38. Bryson Allbright, Edge Defender, Miami (OH)

Big Board Rank: 195

Position Rank: 24

With his length, surprising strength, and a diverse pass rush repertoire, Allbright projects as a 3-4 outside linebacker at the next level after posting the No. 16 pass rush grade in the class at +23.3.

39. Donte Deayon, CB, Boise State

Big Board Rank: 199

Position Rank: 23

An undersized CB that does a decent job playing jump balls down the field. Size shows up as a concern for Deayon as he falls off a lot of tackles and is often swatted aside.

40. Connor Wujciak, Defensive Interior, Boston College

Big Board Rank: 204

Position Rank: 33

Wujciak is susceptible to power at the point of attack, leading to a -2.3 grade in the run game, but his +11.3 pass rush grade should give him a look as an interior penetrator at the next level.

41. Tanner McEvoy, S, Wisconsin

Big Board Rank: 206

Position Rank: 12

At 6-foot-6, 230 pounds, McEvoy looked like a former quarterback playing safety and that’s exactly what he was, but the results were better than expected as his +15.3 overall grade ranked 10th in the class.

42. Curt Maggitt, Edge defender, Tennessee

Big Board Rank: 207

Position Rank: 26

Maggitt was poised to make a name for himself after a strong finish to 2014. He has experience at outside linebacker and rushing off the edge for Tennessee, so if his health checks out after playing only 76 snaps in 2015, he can play a hybrid role for a 4-3 defense.

43. Praise Martin-Oguike, Edge Defender, Temple

Big Board Rank: 208

Position Rank: 27

A high-effort pass rusher, Martin-Oguike goes all out on every snap, and his +35.6 two-year grade on 1,091 snaps warrants a mid-round look.

44. Caleb Azubike, Edge Defender, Vanderbilt

Big Board Rank: 209

Position Rank: 28

At 6-foot-4, 250 pounds, Azubike played mroe of a 3-4 defensive end role for Vanderbilt but he’s an edge prospect in the NFL. He uses his hands well and posted an impressive +10.6 pass rush grade on only 184 rushes.

45. D.J. Pettway, Edge Defender, Alabama

Big Board Rank: 211

Position Rank: 29

A classic Alabama power edge defender, Pettway can play the run as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 (+7.3 on 130 snaps).

46. Teddy Ruben, WR, Troy

Big Board Rank: 212

Position Rank: 28

Playing bigger than his 5-foot-8 frame, Ruben projects as a slot receiver that can get open in the short game. He averaged 8.6 yards after the catch per reception on his 63 catches in 2015.

47. Jenson Stoshak, WR, Florida Atlantic

Big Board Rank: 214

Position Rank: 29

A sharp-cutting route runner, Stoshak struggles with press but can separate when given a clean release and he’s sure-handed (only three drops on 97 catchable passes the last two years).

48. Tyler Roberts, LB, Troy

Big Board Rank: 215

Position Rank: 18

After rushing the passer to the tune of a +24.8 pass rushing grade that ranked 12th in the class, Roberts projects as a linebacker at the next level.

49. D.J. Foster, WR, Arizona State

Big Board Rank: 216

Position Rank: 30

Part running back, part wide receiver, Foster can be used to create matchups in the passing game where he forced 13 missed tackles as a receiver in 2015, fourth-best in the class.

50. Ian Seau, Edge defender, Nevada

Big Board: 219

Position Rank: 30

Seau flashed enough burst and quick hands to warrant a late-round flier as a situational pass rusher after his +30.0 rush grade ranked fourth in the class.

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