The Bears would be wise to consider drafting Marshon Lattimore

Chicago still lacks an elite cornerback. PFF premium stats show where the Bears are lacking, and how taking Lattimore at No. 3 could be a quick fix.

| 1 month ago
Marshon Lattimore

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The Bears would be wise to consider drafting Marshon Lattimore

  • Despite free-agent signings of cornerbacks Prince Amukamara, Marcus Cooper, and B.W. Webb this offseason, the Bears still find themselves without an above-average, or grade 80-plus, cornerback.
  • In 2016, Ohio State’s Marshon Lattimore allowed an NFL passer rating of 30.2 on balls thrown his way. The class-average passer rating allowed for cornerbacks is an 82.
  • An epitome of consistency, there was only one game where Lattimore received a below-average grade (Week 13 vs. Michigan). In this “bad” game, he still only allowed 27 yards on 6 targets.
  • Lattimore is also a very efficient tackler. He recorded 37 tackles with 10 stops last season and, more notably, had zero missed tackles.

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  • Matt

    I feel bad for this kid if Chicago grabs him at 3. He’s gonna rot on that roster for his whole rookie deal. Someone then 4 or 5 years from now will sign him as a FA cause 49ers still wont be any good and will have to address other needs elsewhere.

  • crosseyedlemon

    I can’t think of another team that botched free agency as bad as the Bears and there isn’t much reason to think Ryan Pace will suddenly look smart during the upcoming draft. Aaron Rodgers is probably already smiling at the prospect of feasting on this secondary and logging a couple of 400+ yard games.

  • Tim Edell

    I’m praying 49ers pass on Lattimore at 2 so the Bears can get him. Future lock down CB as long as his hamstring injuries stay away.

  • ItsJustWerner

    He’s good, but not worth #3 overall. Maybe if they trade back 8-13.