PODCAST: 2016 NFL draft review

Sam Monson and Steve Palazzolo discuss the best and worst picks of the 2016 NFL draft. How did your team do?

| 10 months ago
(Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images)

PODCAST: 2016 NFL draft review

Senior analysts Sam Monson and Steve Palazzolo take a look back at the 2016 NFL draft — the good, the bad, and the Round 2 kickers.

— Winners and losers

— Best and worst picks

— Is Billings the best value in the draft?

— How did Hackenberg get drafted (in the second round)?

— Top undrafted free agents


  • legler82

    Go back and watch Hackenberg’s Pro Day; he was not missing throws. You may be talking about the Combine.

  • Tim Edell

    If I was the Giants I would rather have Tunsil with his bong mask on under his helmet than Marshall Newhouse playing OT.

  • themacabre

    Rebuilding Steve Austin was easier than rebuilding Hackenberg.