PFF scouting report: Zach Banner, T, USC

The PFF analysis team breaks down the prospects of USC's Zach Banner ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

| 3 months ago
(Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

(Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

PFF scouting report: Zach Banner, T, USC

Name: Zach Banner

School: USC

Position fit: Tackle

Stats to know: Surrendered one sack, two QB hits, and six hurries in 2015 before allowing four sacks, one QB hit, and eight hurries in 2016. Committed 24 penalties over the last two years.

What he does best:

  • Great frame and length and can “lean on” defenders to control them, especially keeping them outside.
  • May never efficiently make backside zone cutoffs, but usually at least gets a part of defenders and gives running back a chance on inside zone plays.
  • Rarely whiffs on blocks against reasonable shades.
  • Sustains second-level blocks well in the run game.
  • Creates good movement on double teams at the point of attack.
  • Can play long in pass protection to get rusher at arm length.
  • Great at dealing with bull rushes.

Biggest concern:

  • Slow first step/weight an issue. Speed gives him trouble off the edge.
  • Can’t kick back inside fast enough on pass protection when defender takes good inside move.
  • No quick twitch or explosion running in space.
  • Angles need a lot of work on the back side of outside zone. May never be quick enough off the ball to excel in this scheme.
  • May be scheme-limited at the next level.
  • Committed far too many penalties in college.

Bottom line: If protected in a pure passing and power offense, Banner could maybe be OK, but his lack of quick twitch will be an issue against more explosive edge-rushers. He was productive at USC as he’s a capable run-blocker in certain schemes and he has the length to recover in pass protection. Banner is slow to change directions and position his body to make all the necessary blocks, and that will limit his fits at the next level.

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  • Joel Z. Christman

    He’s a splitting image of old Max Starks with the Steelers from about 2009-2012. Same huge build that just gets by with size and mass and enough feet to keep him in it. Like Starks he will be heavily penalized and never be a top-10 guy at the position, but he might be a starter for the right scheme on either side of the line.

  • Wade Rollins

    He needs to drop the weight for two reasons regardless of what position he plays.
    1. Tackle: His long arms are an awesome asset, however they have become a crutch to lunge at and engulf rushers in pass protection. If he loses weight he can develop the footwork and ability to mirror elite speed rushers, slide and shuffle effectively and get up and out of his stance on the balls of his feet. He’s too big to get where he needs to be in order to pass block for Indy.
    2. Guard- Too fat right now for a G, his gut and size makes his ability to move (pull, slide to block second level blitzes, get to the outside RB screens. to pull, slide/shuffle out on screens, and gain leverage on fast, strong second level players. Again, if he cannot come out of his stance with explosion he will force the other lineman to hold their blocks longer. When he faces explosive stunt, blitz, DL bull rush, he will get dominated if he takes that on while on his heels.
    MOVE HIM TO GUARD, get him a nutritionist, put weight restriction in his contract, Make him put his hand in the dirt every play and force the gut to become inconvenient in coming out of his stance.