PFF scouting report: Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh

The PFF analysis team breaks down the prospects of Pittsburgh's Nathan Peterman ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

| 3 months ago
(Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

(Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

PFF scouting report: Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh

Name: Nathan Peterman

School: Pittsburgh

Position fit: Backup QB, starter potential

Stats to know: Had the nation’s No. 2 passer rating when pressured at 114.7.

What he does best:

  • Not necessarily a pure/smooth thrower, but possesses a quick release.
  • Consistent footwork. Plays with a good base in control and throws on balance.
  • Great understanding of defensive recognition and where to go with the ball with the given passing scheme.
  • Good ball placement on short/intermediate timing routes.
  • Anticipates windows in zone very well.
  • Sees the field clearly. Consistently shows the ability to get through progressions, eliminating a read quickly and moving on to the next with relative ease.
  • Great overall feel and discipline in the pocket.
  • Athletic within the pocket and can burst to pick up key third downs with his legs.

Biggest concerns:

  • Arm is limited.
  • Doesn’t possess natural power to drive the ball. Needs to coil up to gain zip.
  • Ball tends to finish low on the receiver the further down the field you get.
  • Lacks pocket poise at times tending to bail out right when unnecessary.
  • Feet can get a little frenetic when facing pressure.
  • Inconsistent decision making outside of the pocket or late in the down at times.

Bottom line: Peterman has seen his stock rise the more people find out about him. He is a very solid, steady player with a limited ceiling – but shows a great understanding of the passing game. His arm is just OK, but with his ability to see the field clearly and work through progressions combined with his natural feel in the pocket, he has a chance to develop into a middle of the road starter. He played in a system with a lot of jet sweep gimmicks, but has experience under center and working full field progressions in both the drop back and play action pass game. Peterman can step in and be a backup on most teams right now, with the hopes there can be tweaks with a few things mechanically and as he gets older to gain more strength in his arm.

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  • Doug Brown

    I think Peterman could be the most pro ready QB in the draft as of right now.
    He may not have the ceiling of some of the more hyped QBs in this draft but he has a higher floor & safer pick than almost all of them as rd 2 – 3 pick.
    I can see him being a starter on a winning team within a few years if he is given the chance. I see him as a peak Matt Schaub/Kirk Cousins (currently) type player in time.
    He is Mitch Trubisky light right now but could end up being what scouts project Trubisky to be when all is said & done. That being a top 12 to 16 starter in the league.
    Mid day 2 pick that could make GMs & teams reaching for a QB in the 1st round of this weak QB class regret overlooking him & wasting their 1st rd. pick on an overhyped QB in time.
    As a matter of fact, If a team drafts a project like Watson or Mahomes in rd. 1
    I wouldnt be surprised to see that same team take a flyer on someone like a Peterman or Kaaya in the mid – later rds. if they are still available just as the Skins did with RG3/Cousins in 2012. It proved a smart move for them & worst case scenario you end up with a strong backup QB who could turn into a nice trade chip later on.

    • DimeJag

      Well said. He also played better in 2015 when he had Tyler Boyd to throw to. Would like to see what he can do surrounded by NFL weapons.

      • Doug Brown

        You & me both.
        I’d like to see my Browns get him in the 2nd round @ pick 52 after taking Myles Garrett @ 1 & OJ Howard @ pick 12 or even move up for him.
        With what should be a top 5
        O-Line after FA & a receiving corps of Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Kenny Britt, Rashard Higgins,
        RJordanicardo Louis & the option to go two TE sets with Gary Barnidge, OJ Howard or Seth Devalve who caught EVERYTHING thrown his way in an under utilized rookie year, I think Peterman would shine in Cleveland under Hue Jacksons tutelage. I know Gordon is never a sure thing but word is he is clean now & he sure looks in shape. Browns GM just said they would keep him once reinstated which could be in June/July. I just think Peterman fits Cleveland… big, accurate, pocket passer, good under pressure, nice deep ball & no red flags. Now do your job Browns & dont reach for a lesser talent!

        • Doug Brown

          Would also have a strong running duo of Crowell & Duke Johnson. Duke is like having another receiver in the backfield.

        • DimeJag

          I like it. Just too bad my Jags will draft him 😉

        • Roo Mal

          It must be crazy being a Browns fan at THIS moment; off-season 2017; that roster is getting SO stacked with well regarded College players. Hue Jackson is considered the guy who can design offense to suit what he’s got; unlike the usual failures who get promoted because they designed what Peyton Manning and Tom Brady caliber QBs executed. In the NFL offensive circles; That’s how you get promoted to OC or HC; just coach a top 5 QB.
          I WANT to root for the Browns for doing everything SO intelligently. Fuck the Win Now stupidity; that leads to 6-10 seasons of Mediocrity; always in desperation mode.

          • Roo Mal

            PLUS: I have SO much respect for Browns fans. They have HEART. I live in NYC; young people are Bandwagoners; Im a Seahawks fan! No Im a Patriot fan! Yeah Patriots! That’s a safe team to choose. And they talk shit to local fans with heart; the Jet fans…Being a fan means rooting for the 3-7 team to win this week and go 4-7. Bandwagoners never have to feel bad, ever, and they NEVER get to share a real triumph and memories with the place they live in; the people living in it.
            They don’t understand commitment. I’m blessed to have been a little kid in 1989 becoming a hardcore fan of home team Giants; I have millions of fellow fans I can reminisce with; where we were, who we were with during the great moments. I’m pulling for Browns fans to have that glory in the modern era; Hue Jackson kissing a Lombardi; they deserve it; only Grandpas can talk about Paul Brown, Jim Brown. And the worst thing is Bandwagoner Steeler ‘fans’ who don’t even live in Pennsylvania; have no ties, and aren’t even actually watching most of the time regular season Pitt games; like 3/4 of bandwagoners; they only watched some superbowls; some highlights of games they didn’t watch on sundays preferring to play video games sunday afternoons when its cold out; they just come to comment boards to say ‘Browns Suck’. Ask them to name 4 players on the defense; and they’ll name Troy Polamalu, uh….Ike something?