PFF scouting report: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

Gordon McGuinness and the PFF draft analysts break down the play of UCLA's Myles Jack ahead of the NFL draft.

| 1 year ago
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

PFF scouting report: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

Below is the PFF draft profile for UCLA’s Myles Jack, which incorporates PFF’s college grades and scouting intel from our team of analysts. To see all of PFF’s 2016 scouting reports, click here.

Position fit:

Off-the-ball linebacker; 910 of his 1,070 snaps in 2014 came at various spots at linebacker.

Stats to know:

Led all linebackers in the nation in 2014 with a coverage grade of +14.7.

What he does best:

• Outstanding in coverage; had the highest coverage grade at his position in 2014, and was ninth in this area again before injury in 2015.

• Can cover in the slot; high coverage grade between 2014 and 2015, spent 144 snaps in the slot in 2014, and 115 in 2015 before injury.

• Not purely a coverage linebacker. Showed the ability to use his hands and get off blocks, and had the 21st-highest grade against the run in 2014.

• Flashes pass-rushing ability, registering three hits and nine hurries on 66 pass-rushing snaps in 2014.

• Sure tackler, missing just six of the 91 he attempted over the past two seasons.

• Outstanding athlete to the point that UCLA used him as a running back, too, forcing 18 missed tackles on 30 carries and scoring four touchdowns over the past two seasons.

Biggest concerns:

• Coming off a serious knee injury. Has had time to heal and looks to be clear, but still a consideration for most teams.

• Size-wise, he’s somewhere between a typical safety and linebacker, but his ability to get off blocks should alleviate most size concerns.

• Picked up 11 penalties in 1,277 snaps over the past two seasons, leading all linebackers in 2014 and 2015 before injury.

Player production comparison:

Thomas Davis, Carolina Panthers. Jack’s ability in coverage reminds us a lot of Davis, who has ranked inside the top-five linebackers in terms of coverage grade in each of the past three seasons.

Bottom line:

Jack is one of the best players in this draft class, and will be a serious consideration for most teams early in the draft. With his ability to cover (even from the slot), and how well he gets off blocks in the running game, it would be a shock to see him fall out of the top 10 picks.

  • zinn21 zinn21

    I can’t draft a knee injury in the first round. Period..

    • Grant Cramer

      Good thing no one is asking you to, lol!

  • corey

    Saying he has “ability to get off blocks” reflects that the writer of this article didnt watch any myles jack tape

    • Tito Puente

      I disagree with your conclusion. Even if Myles Jack is awful at getting off blocks, as you imply, it seems naive of you to suggest that “the writer of this article didn’t watch any Myles Jack tape.”

      a) There is no author listed, which reflects to us fellow comment-makers that the author of your comment has blindly chosen to add his own ignorance to insult.

      b) Who wrote the article, whether it be Tom Landry or Charlie Brown, is irrelevant.

      This is a summary of multiple sources, clearly stating right at the top: “which incorporates PFF’s college grades and scouting intel from our team of analysts.”

      FYI: Analysts is plural, plural means more than one.

      c) And even if we allow for your inability to absorb the details i’ve just listed, wouldn’t a far more plausible scenario/insult be?: “Surprised PFF analysts are so lazy they only watch a few plays where he got lucky and got off blocks.”

      Just saying.

      • Matt Whodat

        The author is listed at the top of the page as Gordon McGuinness.

      • Laker Rod

        Corey is right. Myles Jack doesn’t get off blocks well. See this Bleacher Report article which includes video tape of some of Jack’s weaknesses. You’re trying to tell me Jack was unlucky in these plays?

        What one needs to understand is that PFF has it’s pluses and minuses in how they accumulate the data. For one…they don’t take into consideration the opponents where a respective player is accumulating those statistics. Believe me…as a UCLA fan…I’ve seen it all.

        For example, Coach Jim Mora allowed Jack to play on passing downs and it worked against crummier offenses where that receiver was not very tough to defend against. However…if Jack had to cover a Stanford tight end…forget it. He couldn’t.

        For those who think Myles Jack can cover an NFL slot receiver….LOL!!! How can Jack even cover an NFL slot receiver at 6’1 245…Jack never even played at this weight at UCLA. He’s still short and will have a huge disadvantage cover 6’5 NFL tight ends.

        • Tito Puente

          As our education system fails us once again.

          What you both ‘need to understand’ is that being able to absorb that which you’ve read is an important facet of life. Corey’s implication that Jack can’t get off blocks is called an ‘assertion’ — at no point did I offer an opinion as to whether or not Myles Jack could, or couldn’t, get off blocks, it’s not germane to my rebuttal.

          The first five words i wrote were “I disagree with your conclusion,” everything that followed explained why. This was his conclusion. (It’s sad to me that i feel the need to spell this out for you.): “the writer of this article didn’t watch any myles jack tape”

          Have a nice Sunday.

        • Tito Puente

          Disagreed with his conclusion, never contradicted his assertion.

          aka Here’s an article for you — it has pictures and everything.

        • Henry Hansen

          Walter Football, NFL.Com and PFF all rate him highly.

          • Laker Rod

            If you read the detail comments a lot of the times they don’t even know what they are talking about. They say things like Jack can play all 3 LB spots. No he can’t. This is why the comment was made of Jack doesn’t get off blocks very well. He doesn’t play well inside but yet some of those sites claim he did play well inside. They are incorrect.

    • Kyle Ferguson

      Your comment reflects that you haven’t watched any film, not that you could tell what “block shedding” is. 2:14 is good ex (small sample I know)

      • Laker Rod

        You of course only watch the “highlight” tapes of Myles Jack and this is when Jack was a true frosh and played at a weight of 225…not 245 which is his current listed weight. Jack never played at 245 at UCLA. Also, take a look at which teams the highlights come against. I see New Mexico State, Nevada, UNLV, Utah, Cal, etc.

        That’s the thing with Jack…all his nice plays came against crummier teams for the most part. I know. I’m a big UCLA fan. Where was Jack against Oregon in 2013 where UCLA lost 14-42. Where was Jack against Stanford in 2014. Same for Oregon. Nowhere to be found just committing penalties.

        See the report below. Report contains video which shows a better picture of Myles Jack and raise some major red flags. I don’t even think Jack deserves to be a 1st rounder IMO.

        • Kyle Ferguson

          Interesting, maybe the Ernie sims jersey (unfortunately I do have one) in my closet is clouding my judgement. What about a safety or deone buccanon role?

          • Laker Rod

            Don’t understand your response. Did you read the above Bleacher Report article on Myles Jack?

          • Nils

            Bleacher Report is garbage but ok

          • Laker Rod

            This particular article is not garbage. Good video evidence is used and there are even quotes from Jim Mora on how Myles Jack is taking a risk.

  • Laker Rod

    Position Fit – Yes…Jack is more an off the ball LB for sure. This puts him as a WLB in a 4-3 set…that’s about it. Is this worth somebody taking Top 5? Jack cannot pass rush.

    Stats To Know – Led all LB’s in coverage grade in 2014. This was his true sophomore year. Most of the good numbers came against lesser quality of talent opponents for sure. Where were his numbers against Stanford and Oregon?

    What He Does Best

    1. I think what Jack does best is move from side line to side line but for as far as Jack was his true frosh and sophomore year…he found a way to commit a lot of silly penalties. Late hits. Horse collar and face mask penalties.

    2. His coverage skills is good but this only showed against lesser opponents. Jack cannot cover the slot in the NFL. No way. And he was only 9th in 2015 through 3 games. All those were against crummy teams. BYU’s QB was a true frosh where Jack got one of his interceptions.

    3. Having only the 21st highest grade against the run kind of tells you that he isn’t a very good on the ball tackler. So how on earth is Jack’s stock so high. This does not make any sense at all. Jack only did 19 reps of 225 on the bench press at the NFL combine which was good for 13th best. He didn’t even participate in any other drills. He bulked himself to 245 lbs for this also.

    4. Flashes pass rush ability? Jack had 1 total sack in 29 career games. For every sack a player got…he probably has a few QB knock downs, hurries, etc. to go along with them. Jack showed no ability to pass rush even when asked to. For as good of an athlete Jack is supposed to be…the numbers were not there.

    5. I would say Jack is a pretty sure tackler. I don’t recall him missing too many but he did get blocked off the ball quite a bit which took him out of position to even make a play. This especially occurred when Jack tried to play inside.

    6. As far as the outstanding athlete part…Jack at times seemed better suited to be a running back but Jack’s preference is LB. If he wants to be a LB and that’s where he will play in the NFL…then his skills and athleticism needs to be demonstrated here.

    And the concerns are warranted and should not be easily overlooked. Jack has not run the 40 yard dash for a reason. It’s because his numbers have not been good. Why else does he choose to skip them each time?

    And Jack cannot shed blocks very well. Jack has discipline issues also. Look at his penalties. He also got into fights at practice and was often the one to get kicked out. Even his own team captain Jake Brendel yelled at Jack and told him to get out of here and that Jack only thinks of himself. Even Jim Mora had to tell Jack after Jack’s blow up at practice that Jack was ruining his reputation. Jack is selfish period. He even quit school and quit on the team in 2015 after he got hurt.

    • Henry Hansen

      Could the reason for showing no ability to rush the passer be that he wasn’t asked to do that?

      • Laker Rod

        He wasn’t asked to because he couldn’t do it. Plain and simple.

  • Runner1967

    When half the guys highlight package is filled with RB plays it stinks of the ole: enamored with the athlete and missing the actual football player. I watched Jack get Jacked up in coverage for TDs by Stanford in his last fully healthy season. He has less production than Darren Lee a guy PFF wants to put a buyer beware tag on for not enough production…I get he can look unreal at times dashing around the field unblocked, great so did Dion Jordan. Given the amount of mediocre teams UCLA played Jack should have far more than 15 TFLs, 1 FF and 1 sack in 25 games. Awful lot of projection of what Jack could be rather than what he was. I see a big time boom or bust pick in Jack.