PFF scouting report: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

The PFF analysis team breaks down the prospects of North Carolina's Mitch Trubisky ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

| 2 months ago
Mitch Trubisky

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

PFF scouting report: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

Name: Mitchell Trubisky

School: North Carolina

Position fit: Starting QB

Stats to know: Adjusted completion percentage when pressured was 66.7 percent, tied for No. 1 in the draft class among quarterbacks with at least 80 attempts

What he does best:

  • Compact, accurate, quick arm with a three-quarters release. Quick release allows him to get rid of the ball even when under heavy pressure.
  • Polished passer with consistent footwork and mechanics.
  • Athletic within and outside the pocket. Very accurate throwing on the move.
  • Anticipates well on timing routes as well as windows in zone coverage.
  • Quick-minded and reacts quickly from the time he sees it to time of release.
  • Discipline with his reads and shows ability to scan the field in full field progressions.
  • Natural feel and instincts in the pocket.
  • Consistently accurate ball placement in the short passing game maximizing catch and run opportunities.
  • Has the arm to drive the ball outside the numbers. Consistently hits the “cover-2” hole in between the cornerback and the safety, much more often than most college quarterbacks.
  • Values the ball and is a good decision maker.

Biggest concerns:

  • One-year starter with limited amount of game tape.
  • Inconsistent deep ball touch. Ball hangs and forces receivers to adjust too often.
  • Poor blitz recognition at times leaving him surprised where defenders are coming from post snap.
  • Feet/mind can start to move too quickly under pressure leading to inaccuracies.
  • Can get stuck on the spot in the pocket with feet bouncing instead of pushing up in the pocket.
  • Will overstride getting too long resulting in lost power at times when needing to drive the ball downfield.

Bottom line

Despite being a one-year starter, Trubisky is very polished as a passer playing with good balance and consistent mechanics, which leads him to throw with great accuracy in the short/intermediate passing game. Although he comes from a version of the spread in his college offense, he was asked to do many full field progressions and showed he can click from receiver to receiver quickly and efficiently. Has very good pocket instincts and ability to keep eye level up to see receivers down the field while moving within the pocket. His three-quarters release may lead to more batted balls at the LOS but is likely not a huge issue at the next level. Will need to work on hitting his deep shots with more consistent accuracy to keep defenses from sitting at the break point. Shows all of the tools to develop into a very solid NFL starting quarterback and appears to be the safest option of the 2017 quarterback draft class.

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  • Jerry Parker

    Starts 1 year. Who did he play behind, Brett Rodgers? Not a buyer…

  • I <3 Draft Day

    If Trubisky had another year under his belt, there is no question that he would be the top pick in the draft. Everyone likes Myles Garrett as the #1 pick but if Trubisky had started even half of the games in 2015 I think that would be enough to put him over the top. He really has very few holes in his game and his accuracy is incredible. I really hope he falls to the Browns at 12.

    • CommonSense

      Great screen name for a Browns fan

  • cheektowaga

    Concerns -“Poor blitz recognition at times leaving him surprised where defenders are coming from post snap”

    For a first round pick – not a good thing against NFL defenses…

    • Wyatt Burp

      Yet they praised his ability to throw under pressure. PFF is garbage.

      • Paradox

        Under pressure = getting an accurate pass to a WR with a defender nearly hitting him.

        Blitz recognition = doesn’t always see where the pressure is coming from.

        That’s the distinction I could make after watching tape.

  • Ryan Wells

    Every player has flaws as none are a finished product. I think the Cleveland Browns will take Trubisky number one overall finally ending the long list of quarterbacks they have past in recent years. Passing on Myles Garrett would be hard to do, but the reason why they hired Hue Jackson was to groom a franchise quarterback. They have obviously planned taking A signal caller in this draft since they traded out of their top pick and pased on Carson Wentz.. If their plan was to draft a potential franchise guy, you have to take him.. they have so many needs that they can take a very good player at 12 after selecting Trubisky number one overall..

    • Stephen McNeill

      pass on Garrett…….for a mediocre qb…..

  • Dale Holmgren

    Bears get him, and did not have to give up a #1 to do so. Who cares about giving up 3rd and 4th rounders? It’s a crapshoot after the first 2 rounds. This is the first time in history the Bears selected the consensus #1 QB in the draft. He had 30 TD’s and 6 int’s in a very average program. Watson had 41 TD’s and 17 int’s playing for the champs. Mitch had a 13 game season, Watson a 15 game season, so they are not directly comparable, but a 5:1 TD/INT ratio is impressive indeed.