PFF scouting report: Delano Hill, S, Michigan

PFF's analysis team breaks down the play of 2017 safety draft prospect Delano Hill.

| 3 months ago
Delano Hill

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PFF scouting report: Delano Hill, S, Michigan

Name: Delano Hill

School: Michigan

Position fit: Strong safety

Stats to know: Ranked 10th in tackling efficiency among all safeties in 2016 season.

What he does best:

  • Physicality allows Hill to shed blockers outside; excelled at this when playing press-man, in the slot, or on the perimeter.
  • Solid wrap-up tackler who consistently stays square to the ball.
  • Gave up catches on just 22 of 40 targets in 2016 with seven total passes breakups and a QB rating against of 61.0.
  • Once locked onto a target in coverage, Hill has the speed and physicality to stay sticky.
  • Times his attacks on the ball well; does so without putting himself at risk for penalties.
  • Does an excellent job of identifying route concepts when playing inside the box; works quickly to recover from picks.
  • Flashes versatility with his ability to play man coverage in the slot, as well as defend the run effectively from the edge.

Biggest concern:

  • Shows some stiffness in transition; can be beaten off the break when in man coverage.
  • Has a tendency to jump the first move, leaving him susceptible to doubles.
  • Lacks the elite burst needed to consistently close from off the ball.
  • At times will attack pursuit angles too aggressively, which gives runner.s the chance to bounce outside.
  • When beaten at the break point in off coverage, he struggles to recover in time to prevent catches in front.

Player comparison: Darian Stewart, Denver Broncos

Stewart is a competent player close to the line of scrimmage — in particular against the run — because of his good size and physicality. The further he is off the ball, like Hill, the more he struggles to close the gap on receivers because he lacks great change of direction and explosion.

Bottom line: Hill is a unique prospect because all of his NFL Combine measurements are truly representative of his film. He ran an official 4.47-second 40-yard dash at the combine, and that solid straight-line speed is apparent from his reel. He measured out at 6-foot-1, 216 pounds, and he uses his size and natural strength well when attacking blockers at the line of scrimmage, as well as playing press coverage in the slot. There were some less-impressive numbers from Indianapolis, as well, and these too didn’t come as a surprise, given his film. He broad-jumped 9-foot-7, and had a short shuttle at 4.27 seconds; both of these figures illustrate his lack of elite change of direction and closing speed. While Hill isn’t a top-end athlete, his ability to tackle consistently and play in the box make him look like a potential NFL starter. Due to the strength of the safety class, he can probably be selected on day three, but teams looking for a strong safety capable of pressing from the slot, as well as playing the run, should have significant interest.

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  • Tim Edell

    Selected on day four?

    • TheMakDog

      Yeah Tim Edell, you haven’t heard? In honor of 20-“17″, they are going back to the 17 round draft. Day 4 will feature 8 through 11, and day 5 will consist of rounds 12 through 17.

      Fun fact: Day 5’s rounds, will be part of a special feature called “Lightning speed rounds” and teams will have 30 seconds to make their selections, and if you haven’t made a selection in 30 seconds, your pick is then FORFEITED, to the next team. There will also be an obstacle course, which the GM of the team must run through, and the have to get to the podium themselves to make the selection. Other teams will be allowed to run interference, and other dastardly ploys. It will be fun watching teams GM’s scamper around through green goop and other things like in the gameshow “Double Dare”, and also, “American Ninja Warrior”… It is going to be a BLAST.

      Actually, as awesome as that would be (and since they have the draft over 3 days now instead of two, I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t/wouldn’t extend the draft to 8, 9, or even 10 rounds (other then, probably only 10 or 20 or so of the players selected in rounds 8+ would even make practice squads. But on the other hand, EVENTUALLY someone would draft a Tom Brady in th 9th round, or an Antonio Brown in the 10th round (both 6th round players) or a James Harrison in the 29th round or something. WOuld be cool)

      Anyways, yeah, Im guessing the write meant “day 3, round 4+”

      Nice catch Tim. You are awarded 1 “one” internet point today. Congratulations, you magnificent bastard.

  • TheMakDog

    Nice, I have been patiently waiting for day 4 of the 2016 draft… I guess they finally added rounds 8 through 12 for the 2017 draft. I would be stoked if the Pittsburgh Steelers could add Delano “Roosevelt” Hill in round 9 or 10. Even better if they can pick him up in round 12, with their Round 12 compensatory pick, the 420th pick in the draft.