PFF scouting report: Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU

The PFF analysis team breaks down the prospects of LSU's Davon Godchaux ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

| 3 months ago
Davon Godchaux

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PFF scouting report: Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU

Name: Davon Godchaux

School: LSU

Position fit: Played 5-technique at LSU, developmental pass-rusher in the NFL

Stats to know: Amassed 74 combined pressures (14 sacks, 15 hits and 45 hurries) in his final two years in college.

What he does best:

  • Dangerous pass-rusher, recorded 17 knockdowns and 32 total pressures in 2017.
  • Refined pass-rush technique, possesses a range of finesse moves to get into the backfield.
  • Displays good hand placement to maintain spacing with offensive lineman attempting to kick slide.
  • Shows decent bend and ability to change direction in the backfield.
  • Good awareness, consistently tracks QB movement in pocket and intended running lanes.
  • Moves well laterally, can disengage with a jump step to find free lanes to the quarterback.

Biggest concern:

  • Strength can be an issue, frequently forced to retreat at the POA.
  • Manhandled consistently by single blocks, gives ground consistently widening running lanes.
  • Struggled against solo tight end blocks, not a good look for an interior defensive lineman.
  • Allowed himself to be reached from 5-technique by a backside tight end on one ugly rep.
  • Doesn’t always display maximum effort when battling multiple blockers.
  • Poor balance against double teams, has to sink low to generate traction which often leads to overextension.
  • Wound up on the deck time after time.
  • Not particularly explosive, slow reaction times.

Player comparison: Cullen Jenkins, Washington Redskins

Cullen Jenkins was an undrafted project out of Central Michigan, requiring some added bulk to forge a career in the NFL. He was also a good athlete, who offered tantalising upside as a pass-rusher in the nickel. Godchaux fits a similar mold.

Bottom line: While he made strides last season, Godchaux has not been great against the run throughout his career and he’ll have to make his mark as a pass-rusher in the NFL. He’s been one of the more efficient pass-rushers in the nation over the last three years, and he has a chance to rush the passer in nickel and dime situations while working to improve his work in the run game.

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