PFF scouting report: Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

Gordon McGuinness and the PFF draft analysts breaks down Baylor's Corey Coleman ahead of the 2016 NFL draft.

| 1 year ago
corey coleman

PFF scouting report: Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

Here is the PFF draft profile for Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman, which incorporates PFF’s college grades and scouting intel from our team of analysts. To see all of PFF’s 2016 scouting reports, click here

Position rank: 1
Overall rank: Top 10

Position fit:

Outside wide receiver, but has the ability and skill set to play in the slot too.

Stat to know:

At 3.97, his yards per route run average trailed only TCU’s Josh Doctson in this draft class.

What he does best:

• Outstanding at getting separation
• Good footwork and good with his hands make him a nightmare to cover on slants
• Has speed to burn a cornerback deep, and turn a short gain into a touchdown with work after the catch
• Physical; has no problem getting off the jam in press coverage
• Averaged 4.06 yards per route run from the slot


Biggest concern:

• Hands are questionable at times, dropped 10 of 84 catchable passes in 2015, and seven of 71 in 2014
• Not consistently good at the catch point, sometimes letting a defensive back into a play

Player style comparison:

Steve Smith, Baltimore Ravens. The toughness aspect is the easy comparison between the two, but Coleman has the ability to make people miss and create big plays after the catch like Smith has done throughout his career, making people forget all about his height.

Bottom line:

Coleman isn’t the tallest wide receiver in the world, but he doesn’t play like that’d a problem. Really good on short passes, with the ability to make people miss and create big plays. The drops are frustrating, but if he can fix that he has a chance to be really special.



  • Hehpleh

    Reminds me a little bit of brandin cooks.

  • bill jaffe

    his few negatives are all fixable with good coaching

  • Richard Stanczak

    A better comparison might be Golden Tate, but Tate has much better hands. For some reason I don’t see what the author sees when I watch his tape. Dotson and Caroo are a cut above Coleman IMO.

  • Justin Graver

    the next antonio brown – book it.