PFF scouting report: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State

Steve Palazzolo and the PFF draft analysts break down the play of OSU's Cardale Jones ahead of the 2016 NFL draft.

| 1 year ago
(AP Photo/LM Otero)

(AP Photo/LM Otero)

PFF scouting report: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State

Below is the PFF draft profile for OSU’s Cardale Jones which incorporates PFF’s college grades and scouting intel from our team of analysts. To see all of PFF’s 2016 scouting reports, click here.

Position fit: Developmental QB. Has tools and he’s inexperienced, so something may click down the road

Stats to know: -6.5 grade ranked 39th in the draft class in 2015

What he does best:
• Cannon for an arm. Can make tight-windowed throws that other quarterbacks would not even attempt
• Will cycle through reads at times and find the open man
• Shows touch, even if accuracy is inconsistent
• Keeps his eyes downfield when maneuvering around the pocket. Looking to pass and make a big play
• Flashes excellent accuracy on 1-5 yard passes, hit receivers in stride more than most
• Big body and athleticism make him difficult to tackle in our out of the pocket. Forced 37 missed tackles on 127 carries each of the last two years

Biggest concern:
• Accuracy is all over the place, among the worst in the class at the most important ranges: six through 30 yards
• Accuracy is poor on passes that lead receivers, either horizontally or vertically up the field
• Does not always see underneath defenders, will make poor throws into coverage.
• Timing is not great in the pass game, often late but his arm will make up for it
• His big arm is irrelevant beyond 20 yards. Accuracy percentage of 46.9 percent ranked 17th in the draft class, but even many of his completions were underthrows with the wide receiver working back to make the play
• Last year was similar, made a lot of big plays in the passing game but many of them were Devin Smith adjusting to poorly thrown passes

Bottom line: Jones is a project, but perhaps a better one than others in the class given his inexperience. Even during the championship run in 2014, he was very inconsistent from snap-to-snap and 2015 was even worse. Still, the size and arm are intriguing, as is some of his work in and out of the pocket. Ultimately, however, it comes down to improving his shoddy accuracy and that’s a major hill to climb.

  • dave

    after 1st 11 games Favre 15 td 13 int Jones 15 td and 7 int.. Jones desire/heart & talent suggest a future star

    • Philtration

      Did you really just compare Cardale Jones to Peyton Manning and Brett Favre?

      • dave

        talking about the stupidity of looking at at 1st 11 games of Jones career and saying he isn’t polished/makes college qb’s are polished after their 1st 11 games. ..Those td’s and int of P Manning and Favre are typical of most college qb’s after their 1st 11 starts. .what you can do is look at Jones elite skill set and his competitiveness in those games and make an educated guess how good he would be after 2 more full seasons in college. IMO .likely would of been #1 overall pick

        • Philtration

          Desire & heart?
          That is why you think he will be a star in the NFL?
          In 2014 he threw for 860 yards and 7 TDs.
          In 2015 he threw for 1460 yards, 8 TDs and 5 INTs.
          His running ability? Last year he averaged 3.0 yards per carry and 2 TDs.
          This is star material?
          What is Cardale’s magic skill set exactly?
          Having a strong arm means nothing if you can’t hit a receiver.
          He has no touch, he has no pocket presence, he cannot lead a receiver…
          In a soft QB class he is not even rated in the top 5 and that is from hype and one game.
          He should have came out last year and taken the money while the hype machine was at full speed because coming back just showed how unready he really is.

          • dave

            Gil Brandt
            [email protected]_Brandt
            –> Cardale Jones looked good, displayed great arm, can take off and feather it in

            Chris Trapasso ChrisTrapasso
            Mar 29
            IMO @FBallGameplan’s Stafford comp for Cardale = perfect. Obviously not same size but their skill sets / strengths / weaknesses very similar

            Brendan LeisterMar 29
            Of the 4 QBs I’ve studied closely, Cardale Jones is #2 right now. Lots of talk about him on TL right now. My report:

            Daniel Jeremiah Jones 2nd rd
            pff • Flashes excellent accuracy on 1-5 yard passes, hit receivers in stride more than most

            Can make tight-windowed throws that other quarterbacks would not even attempt

            • Shows touch, even if accuracy is inconsistent

            there wouldn’t even be a 1st rd IF all college players were judged solely on their 1st 11 games BUT serious talent and I have him at #22 overall

          • Delevie

            Remember, he was playing with two seriously talented teams in those 11 games and he still struggled a lot of the time.
            Most successful pro QBs have played at least 30 college games. Probably needs 3 years on the bench getting experience and then he would have one year before he becomes a free agent.

          • dave

            Tom Herman became the new head coach at Houston and the

            Ohio st offense and their qb’s struggled…Jones is much closer to being ready then many think