Does a Day 2 running back makes sense in Pittsburgh?

The Steelers could use a backup/heir apparent to Le'Veon Bell. PFF premium stats show what Bell has to offer and what candidates the Steelers could target.

| 1 month ago
(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Does a Day 2 running back makes sense in Pittsburgh?

Does a day two running back make sense in Pittsburgh?

  • Le’Veon Bell ranked fifth in the NFL in elusive rating among running backs with at least 200 carries, forcing 47 missed tackles on 261 carries and averaging 3.01 yards after contact per carry.
  • DeAngelo Williams was the league’s 23rd-highest-graded running back in 2016, but is currently a free agent and at 34 years old as of Tuesday, is no guarantee to return.
  • Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara was tied with Florida State’s Dalvin Cook for the best elusive rating in this draft class at 129.4, forcing 26 missed tackles on 103 carries, and averaging 3.78 yards after contact per attempt.
  • Toledo’s Kareem Hunt was seventh with an elusive rating of 112.1, and his 76 missed tackles forced trail only Cook (92) in this draft class.


  • shaunhan murray

    I wouldn’t “hate” it, but I don’t consider it a huge need. Maybe if they think it’s time to move on from one of the best offensive players in the NFL. Otherwise I don’t really get it, Bell has missed more games than other guys but you never hear about other teams with star RB needing a backup.