Dolphins: Secondary depth gets tested

| 3 years ago

Dolphins: Secondary depth gets tested

PFF-headlinesThe Miami Dolphins may have a mini-crisis at the right cornerback position opposite Brent Grimes. Second-year corner Jamar Taylor (-3.6 coverage grade) has already been ruled out for Monday Night Football, and the status of veteran Cortland Finnegan (+0.1 coverage grade) is in doubt after missing practice on Friday. With their options limited, it appears the Dolphins will turn to versatile safety and slot corner Jimmy Wilson. Wilson hasn’t played significant snaps on the outside since his rookie year in 2011 when he held his own, posting a -2.4 grade in 216 snaps.

However when the Dolphins go to their nickel package Wilson is expected slide back inside, opening up a vacancy on the outside. In those situations the Dolphins will turn to either Lowell Rose or Walt Aikens. Rose, an undrafted free agent in 2013, played the first 14 snaps of his NFL career when Taylor left the game against Denver, but went untested. Aikens, the fourth rounder from Liberty, has played 33 snaps at either corner or safety, giving up three receptions for 30 yards on four targets, but also grabbing a pick.

Miami may have caught as break by suffering this mini-crisis ahead of a game against the struggling Jets, but the quick return of either Taylor or Finnegan is crucial with the Ravens and Patriots looming in the next three weeks.

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