Dolphins: Run defense regressing

| 3 years ago

Dolphins: Run defense regressing

PFF-headlinesIn what has been an up-and-down season for the Miami Dolphins, it was thought that the area of consistency would be the run defense. The Dolphins boasted a strong rotation on the defensive line, a veteran linebacker corps and two excellent run defenders in safeties Louis Delmas and Reshad Jones. After a strong start, however, things have been crumbling of late.

The trouble seems to start along the defensive line.  Through the first 11 weeks of the regular season, Cameron Wake and company had been among the NFL’s best, racking up a cumulative +17.6 grade against the run. In the last three weeks, that same unit has dropped to 21.9.

The  Dolphins’ run defense struggles appear to extend to second-level defenders as well. Linebacker Jelani Jenkins, a surprise standout from earlier this season, has seen his grades regress. Over the last three weeks, Jenkins has added four missed tackles to his resume and seen his run defense ranking among 4-3 outside linebackers, slip from 11th to 34th.

With an impending matchup against LeGarrette Blount and the New England Patriots, looming on Sunday, the Dolphins will need to work out the kinks in order to stop one of the NFL’s top rushing offenses.

  • Bond, David Bond

    You can blame the decline on the extra practices that a MOLE on the team suggested for our defense. If the offense or defense continues the extra practices after practice, there will be many more KEY injuries! It was all part of the plan from the start by the MOLES on the team. The entire arrangement was a setup by the MOLE group on the team. Steven Ross should have clean house last year. Instead he kept remnants of the previous regimen and a few of the previous MOLES slipped through the cracks. You think about it. Miami goes out and gets one of the fastest WRs in the league. His job was to take the top off of defenses and catch deep passes. You already have 2 QBs who can get the ball to our speedy WR. Then they go out and select a QB who cannot throw the deep pass and on top of that, he is selected in the 1st round. Then they refuse to hold a QB competition so that the best QB can start. Instead, they install the rookie QB who cannot throw the deep ball and refuse to bench him no matter how badly he plays; over our surging veteran who closed out the 2nd half of the previous season on a high note and who can make ALL of the throws. Now, you tell me that their is not a conspiracy going on. First of all, Tanehill should have never started in the first place. He has been below average and outright terrible most of the time. He has been a restraint to our offense for 3 years. So, someone is prospering from this INSANITY!

    • corners

      this makes no sense. Teams have had less contact practices and if anything injuries are up.

      • Bond, David Bond

        Look Cornbread Jack, there was a write up about how the dolphins defense had started to hold a second practice after practice and Cam Wake was leading the program. The defense lost it dominance around the same time this foolish program was initiated, Junior. This second practice after the official practice is what has robbed our defense of the endurance and dominance that they had up to that point. That foolish program was started about 4 weeks ago. Because of this foolish extra practice activity after practice, we have lost 5 key players on our defense and NOW our defense is worn out BEFORE the game even starts! This plot by the MOLES on the team is working. As far as the DEEP BALL is concerned, only a FOOL will try and keep on trying to win without it in this league. START MATT MOORE STUPID! When the Atlanta Falcons were down 31 to 7 last week; everyone assumed that the game was over. Then Matt Ryan and Julio Jones went to work with one deep pass after the other. WHY? Because, just like Mike Wallace; Julio Jones is UNSTOPPABLE WITH A QB WHO CAN GET HIM THE BALL! In a few minutes the game that everyone thought was over, was within one score. Philbert has tried everything except the obvious thing. Philbert should have tried what EVERY other coach tries in the league; CHANGE THE DAMN QB! We all can see after 3 years with Tannehill at the helm; that all we will receive is mediocracy and heartbreak. Then when the heat is on he pulls out a game here and there. Frankly, the REAL Dolphins fans are SICK OF THIS SH#T!

        • Tim Edell

          Gotta love day drinking

    • JConnell


    • 1sb1

      How’s that tin foil hat fitting lately?
      Getting a little tight?

  • gofins60

    Actually, the run defense started dropping in the rankings during Coyle’s first season when he changed schemes. The next year, Ireland replaced Burnett and Dansby with Wheeler and Ellerbee and the run defense dropped even lower in the rankings. This year, for some odd reason the run defense wasn’t too bad, but it has now dropped back down where it belongs.

    I blame Coyle’s schemes and poor talent. Maybe keeping Starks and letting Soliai go was a mistake.