Do Stats Lie? – Championship Week Sleepers

This week, Joe Bussell looks at some sleepers to fill in the gaps of teams who squeezed into the championship game.

| 3 years ago
Shane Vereen

Do Stats Lie? – Championship Week Sleepers

vereenThere are going to be some bizarre matchups for fantasy football championships this year. In week 14, which is typically the first week of the fantasy football playoffs, both Drew Brees and Peyton Manning had lacking outputs that probably dashed the hopes of a lot of fake football managers. Those are guys that many expected to take them to the championship and instead were likely the reason for flunking out of the playoffs early.

If a manager was able to scrape by, maybe on the strength of a Odell Beckham monster day, or happened to have a bye in the 1st week, it’s possible that Jamaal Charles or LeSean McCoy tanked any opportunity to win in week 15. Calvin Johnson didn’t exactly have a great week either.

With big names producing mediocre outputs over the last few weeks, there are going to be some random teams that could have scooted through to the championship with a miscellany of second-tier players leading the way. This means that there are probably a lot of teams that have glaring holes, lack of depth, or mediocre players with bad matchups that probably should be replaced before the start of week 16.

In those circumstances, it may be necessary to scrape the bottom of the barrel and find any upside picks available that could produce respectable fantasy points and potentially an exceptionally large day. Deep sleepers are worth taking a chance on, especially if a team is the underdog in the matchup. This week’s article takes a look at some players whose stats don’t seem to be where they should and could be misleading about their week 16 production.

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