DFS Prediction Models – Part 3: Running Backs

Dave Pratt presents a prediction model to project running backs' daily fantasy football scores.

| 2 years ago

DFS Prediction Models – Part 3: Running Backs

Many fantasy analysts preach that running backs’ total work volume is the best predictor of their future fantasy points. Undoubtedly it’s an important factor. But, is it actually the best variable to predict future performances? The following analysis puts this theory to the test.

Just as with the quarterbacks and tight ends in the first two parts of this series, all of the running-back PFF Signature Stats were analyzed for significant correlations with future fantasy scores – including total touches.

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  • Zak Katz

    I attempted to use this formula using signature stats from two weeks in 2014 and the output was all over the place. I simply plugged in the appropriate signature stat for each variable and BEDMAS’d the formula. What’s the right way to do it?