DET-SEA Grades: Mixed night from Russell Wilson

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Lions-Seahawks game.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/John Froschauer)

(AP Photo/John Froschauer)

DET-SEA Grades: Mixed night from Russell Wilson

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Lions-Seahawks game:

Seattle Seahawks

– The Seahawks welcomed Kam Chancellor back into the starting lineup against the Bears last week, but he reserved his biggest impact for Monday Night Football (+2.9) against the Lions. In spite of a trio of missed tackles, Chancellor still earned his highest coverage grade (+3.1) since the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory over the Broncos.

– A mixed night for Russell Wilson (-1.3), with some elusive work in the pocket paired with an accurate night of passing, but some sloppy ball security to let that work down. Wilson evaded sacks on six occasions (including two on the same play twice) but a trio of fumbles, including one that Caraun Reid (-2.4) scooped up for Detroit’s only touchdown, marred a night on which Wilson looked somewhere back to his best as a passer, going six-for-six for 156 yards on intermediate targets (+3.2 passing grade).

– With Brandon Mebane absent due to injury, Jordan Hill (+3.0) claimed his first start of the season and continued his strong start in run defense. Hill notched a trio of pressures (having been blanked by the Bears last week) and was a consistently disruptive force against the run, working against Detroit center Travis Swanson (-3.9), who turned in his fourth straight negative grade of the season.

Top performers:

DE Michael Bennett (+4.5)

DT Jordan Hill (+3.0)

S Kam Chancellor (+2.9)

LB K.J. Wright (+1.9)

LB Bobby Wagner (+1.7)


Detroit Lions

– There were no turnovers for Matthew Stafford (-1.3) last night, but there was only one big play on the Lions’ final drive to Timothy Wright (-2.3) to offset a couple of poor throws throwing to the left side of the field. Stafford didn’t complete any of the four passes he targeted 10 or more yards in the air outside the left numbers (-2.6 passing grade) and for the season has only completed two of his 14 pass attempts in that area. In spite of producing his best game of the season to date, Stafford finishes the first month of the season as our lowest graded quarterback.

– Personnel usage has limited Travis Lewis (+2.1) to only 46 snaps this season, but he left his mark on the first half of last night’s game, in spite of only playing 11 snaps. Lewis recorded three stops in his limited opportunities, including a sack beating Derrick Coleman (-0.9) early in the second quarter. Lewis had already beaten Coleman and Jimmy Graham (+0.3) earlier in the game for his two stops in run defense.

– Rookie running back Ameer Abdullah (+0.8) didn’t have much to work with last night, but he gained all the available yardage (and a little bit more) that he was given by his offensive linemen. Only 33 yards on 13 carries doesn’t leap off the page as a solid performance, but Abdullah gained as many yards after contact as he did in total, breaking three tackles in the process during his second start of the season.

Top performers:

DE Darryl Tapp (+3.1)

LT Riley Reiff (+2.1)

LB Travis Lewis (+2.1)

DE Ezekiel Ansah (+1.7)

S James Ihedigbo (+1.6)

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  • RCCola

    The one constant this year has been Stafford in the negative range, yet everyone wants to blame the OC and the OL. I get that they’re not helping much, but at some point, a good quarterback makes plays regardless of situation. Even average QB play this year and the Lions are probably 2-2.

    • Dohkay

      Their OL has been bad in both passing and rushing. They average 22 yards per game less than the 31st ranked rush offense and .43 ypc less than the 31st ranked team. Teams can play the pass and not have to pay the consequences. To make matters worse, the OC has insisted on making Stafford a traditional QB who must have high accuracy which is not his game.

      If Lombardi had Russell Wilson he’d probably insist on him staying in the pocket and throwing passes within 3 seconds of the snap to fit HIS system instead of the other way around. The Lions ought to draft a new QB next year to fit their scheme cause Stafford is not ever going to be that type of QB.

      • FunkyTime

        The scheme won’t be there next season. At this point I think it’d take a miracle turnaround for Lombardi to keep his job.

        • Dohkay

          I hope you’re right.

        • Hip to Their Game

          What in the history of the Lions’ ownership makes you think they are going to let a coach go when it makes sense to do so? On one hand, I think loyalty can be a benefit, but the Lions demonstrate the rule that everything must be had in moderation.

          • FunkyTime

            I think Caldwell will just replace Lombardi himself at the end of the season if the issues aren’t fixed.

            There’s too much talent on the offensive side of the ball to be struggling this badly 2 years into a system.

    • Kofi Bonney

      I’m not going to say Stafford played lights out last night, but that was his best game of the 2015 season. The regular Matthew Stafford would’ve been good for at least one turnover vs SEA.

  • Jim Winslow

    Yeah I strting to think Calvin Johnson isn’t that clutch of player he never seems to have big games when his team need him. I know the qb play is isn’t great (as well as the offense as a whole), but I just feel he isn’t a clutch performer.

    • FunkyTime

      How about his first playoff game in 2011 where he caught 12 of 15 passes thrown his way for 211 yards and 2 TDs?

      Also how many times has he made hail mary catches in the end zone when he’s double or triple covered?

      He would’ve also won the game against the Bears at the buzzer a few years ago if it wasn’t for the dumb Calvin Johnson rule (completing the process), and would’ve made the big play in this one as well if the ref made the right ruling that when the Seahawk batted the ball out of the endzone intentionally it should’ve been Detroit’s ball at the spot of the fumble.

      • Jim Winslow

        Yeah but the play off game was blow in new Orleans favour, a lot of that was just garbage time stats. And while he has made big plays I just haven’t seen a ton really meaningful ones. And he fumbled it wasn’t a good play on his part it really doesn’t matter on the ruling.

        • Kofi Bonney

          You my friend are completely wrong about the playoff game. We were well in contention in that game until mid 4th quarter. Stafford and Megatron lit up the Saints that day. It was our defense that couldn’t stop the Saints on 4th downs.

          • Jim Winslow

            Yeah but a lot of scoring swings came on special teams and defense. The lion were never really in that game from an offensive standpoint they were grossly out performed by the saints. Calvin Johnson made big play when they were down by a lot but once the game got close he wasn’t the biggest factor. Near the end he got some garbage yards too.

    • Brian

      Nah, I think it’s just he…shockingly, a human being and it’s not always gunna work out. I mean can’t ALWAYS make it happen, if I was a Detroit fan I’d rather think about how they owe nearly everything to him… Early in Staff’s career when he basically just threw the ball towards Calvin even if Quad covered and he came down with it.

      Actually he’s probably the most clutch WR on an every play basis in the game, at least near the top

  • Izach

    Hard to understand how Russel Wilson could have a 3.2 passing grade and a 3 plays being his total down to a -1.3. I think that points to a gap between grading and film watching sure the fumbles hurt but not as bad as the good plays are good. just disappointed in PFFs system again this week


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