Defensive Player of the Year: King Cole

| 7 years ago

Defensive Player of the Year: King Cole

There just isn’t any stopping Trent Cole, and if you don’t believe us ask Charlie Johnson, who will be seeing Cole in his nightmares for weeks to come.

It was going to take something special for Cole to stay at the top of the class because, quite frankly, we’re seeing a ridiculously high number of guys playing at a ridiculously high level.

Step ahead for our top 10 in the competition for Defensive Player of the Year.

1. Trent Cole, DE, Philadelphia (+33.9)

You can only say it so many times and hope people listen, but there isn’t a better defensive end in the league than Trent Cole. And that’s not a new thing. Made life tough for Peyton Manning with a sack, hit and incredible eight pressures. Last week: 1st

2. Tamba Hali, OLB, Kansas City (+35.6)

Not a great run defender and had a down week by his standards; just seven total quarterback disruptions. Incredibly, on pace to pick up 120 combined quarterback pressures. Wow. Last week: 2nd

3. Kyle Williams, DT, Buffalo (+24.4)

Really moving close to the top two with some out-of-this-world performances. His team may be 0-8, but Williams could get on any team as well as he’s playing. Leads defensive tackles in stops and fifth in total quarterback disruptions. Last week: 6th

4. Jason Jones, DT, Tennessee (+23.0)

Can’t be blamed for dropping a spot on his bye week. A real revelation this year, he’s what a defensive tackle should be when the primary goal is to get up the field. Keeps disciplined. Last week: 3rd

5. Lawrence Timmons, ILB, Pittsburgh (+22.5)

Is just playing lights-out at the moment, and added an impressive interception to his growing resume in the vital win over the Bengals. More versatile than the man just below him. Deserves more press than he is getting. Last week: 7th

6. Bart Scott, ILB, New York Jets (+22.4)

If you want a linebacker to take blockers head-on and blow them up, you turn to Scott. It’s that simple. So he only has 27 tackles — so what? There’s more to playing defense than making tackles. Last week: 5th

7. Brandon Flowers, CB, Kansas City (+13.9)

Worst game of the year for Flowers, who had his struggles with the speed of Jacoby Ford. Construction on Flowers Island isn’t quite finished yet. Last week: 4th

8. Clay Matthews, OLB, Green Bay (+26.8)

Real playmaker got back on track with his best game in weeks against a calamitous Cowboys team. Probably not quite earning the hype just yet. Last week: 9th

9. Julius Peppers, DE, Chicago (+25.7)

Fully earning his contract right now. People questioned Peppers as being a guy who played for the cameras and, to some extent, for himself. Well, he’s gone beyond the stat sheet this year and is our highest-rated run-defending end and still has 32 QB disruptions. Last week: Not ranked

10. Justin Smith, DE, San Francisco (+17.7)

A week to rest for the league’s star 3-4 end. Smith started off slow but is practically unbeatable right now. Last week: 10th

Dropped Out: Chris Clemons (Seattle)

In the Mix: Fred Robbins (St Louis), James Harrison (Pittsburgh), Tramon Williams (Green Bay) and Quintin Mikell (Philadelphia)

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