Daily Fantasy Football Strategy – The Basics

Josh Collacchi breaks down the basics of daily fantasy gaming and gives some strategies to help beginners hit the ground running.

| 4 years ago
Bears Running Back Matt Forte

Daily Fantasy Football Strategy – The Basics

In recent years, daily fantasy games have grown vastly in terms of popularity. Websites such as DraftStreet and FanDuel are becoming increasingly popular. Many first-time fantasy players want to play these types of daily games as a way to learn the ropes, and some veteran fantasy players use it as another way to get their fantasy fix! There is money to be made in daily fantasy football, and there are many ways to go about doing so.

A strategy is needed in all aspects of fantasy football, and one usually has to adapt his strategy based on the circumstances put in front of him or her. Most daily leagues run by what is called a salary cap system, sometimes $100, $1,000 or even $100,000 is placed in your budget, depending on the site.

The key to winning in daily fantasy football is to find the best players for the cheapest, similarly to an auction draft. Most weeks, Adrian Peterson will be one of the most expensive players, and for good reason. The same goes for Drew Brees and Calvin Johnson. With the salary cap system, you can select one or two of these players, but most of the budget will be invested in them, leaving a high chance for disappointment.

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