Daily Fantasy Football – Opportunity Rating

Josh Collacchi gives you a new way to gauge quarterbacks in daily fantasy football using the 'opportunity rating.'

| 4 years ago

Daily Fantasy Football – Opportunity Rating

Aaron-RodgersAs every fantasy football player knows, the key to succeeding in fantasy is to get top value. The same goes for daily fantasy football, and it may mean even more than you think. For example, it would be easy to select Aaron Rodgers as your daily fantasy quarterback, but if the value is not worth as much as someone else, it may not be such a great idea.

In Week 1, say Aaron Rodgers costs $9,300 (in a $60,000 budget). It has proven beneficial to have him on your daily fantasy teams in the past, but in this particular case it is not. Rodgers will play against the 49ers. For almost 16% of your salary cap, it is not worth it to have Rodgers against one of the best defenses in the NFL. By comparison, Matt Ryan costs $8,800 and is playing against the porous Saints secondary. Not to mention the Falcons are always dangerous on turf. If you choose Ryan over Rodgers you will likely get more fantasy points for less cap dollars, which is great value.

To consistently look at values, you have to factor in a few things. One is the matchup, if your quarterback is playing against a very good defense, that hurts the value, and vice versa. Another is what is called Opportunity Rating (OR).

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