Cut Tracker: Linebackers

We give you our preseason grades for all the players cut at the linebacker positions.

| 4 years ago

We give you our preseason grades for all the players cut at the linebacker positions.

Cut Tracker: Linebackers

2013-Cut-Tracker-LBsYou asked for it and you shall receive. We’re bringing you our preseason grades for all the players cut by every single NFL team, along with their snap counts.

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NamePFF GradeSnapsTeamPicked Up By?
Najee Goode5.3150TB
Everette Brown5.394PHI
Danny Lansanah4.1151NYJ
Orie Lemon3.371KC
Alan Baxter3.1105PITPIT(P)
Chase Thomas2.936OAK
Justin Cole2.8146CLV
Will Compton2.7110WASWAS(P)
Adrian Robinson2.666PHIDEN
Robert James2.560ATLBLT
Ty Powell2.582SEA
Taylor Reed2.499DAL
L.J. Fort2.3118CLE
Brandon Magee2.1102DALCLE
Dan Molls2.166SD
Jon Morgan254DET
Colin Parker1.946ARZ
Ka'lial Glaud1.766TBTB(P)
Brandon Hepburn1.656DETDET(P)
Jeff Tarpinian1.355NENE(P)
Rufus Johnson1.3110NO
Travis Johnson1.340SF
Marvin Burdette1.345WAS
Kenny Demens1.354ARZ
James-Michael Johnson1.299CLVKC
Troy Davis1.270NYJNYJ(P)
Cameron Collins1.181HST
Mike Mohamed1.195HST
Thomas Keiser1.170SDSD(P)
Darin Drakeford0.985KCKC(P)
Chris A. White0.791DETNE
Jerrell Harris0.559SD
Brian Banks0.430ATL
Billy Boyko0.422OAK
Doug Hogue0.213CAR
Kyle Bosworth0.284NYGDAL
Phillip Dillard0.2100SD
Justin Staples0.189CLV
Terrell Manning0.199GBSD
Mike Zimmer0.138JAX
Andy Studebaker0.18JAX
Daniel Adongo00INDIND(P)
Josh McNary00INDIND(P)
Zach Diles0103KC
Dom DeCicco035TB
Damien Holmes-0.156DEN
Austin Spitler-0.296MIA
Omar Gaither-0.2155OAK
Bryan Scott-0.474BUF
Jerry Franklin-0.454CHICHI(P)
Lee Robinson-0.5121MIA
D.J. Smith-0.678SD
Pat Schiller-0.657ATL
Scott Solomon-0.689TENNYJ
Ben Jacobs-0.854CARCAR(P)
Tyrone McKenzie-0.851MIN
JoJo Dickson-0.855NYJ
Brian Rolle-0.884PIT
Terence Garvin-0.884PITPIT(P)
Bruce Taylor-0.957CIN
Mike Rivera-0.985NE
Marshall McFadDen-181PIT
Kenny Rowe-1.1117ARZARZ(P)
Brandon Copeland-1.157BLTBLT(P)
Monte Simmons-1.190IND
J.K. Schaffer-1.2151CINCIN(P)
Jacquies Smith-1.273NYJ
Nigel Carr-1.4127BLT
Kourtnei Brown-1.448BUF
Dezman Moses-1.759GBKC
Ridge Wilson-1.7119KC
Vic So'oto-1.7118WAS
Brandon M. Marshall-1.8137JAX
Reggie Walker-269ARZSD
Jay Richardson-2122NO
Joe Holland-255SF
Josh Hull-2113SL
Rocky McIntosh-2.160DET
J.T. Thomas-2.182CHIJAX
Shawn Loiseau-2.1135IND
Julian Stanford-2.196JAX
Rayford Shipman-2.168NO
Gary Guyton-2.135TEN
Jonathan Willard-2.186TENTEN(P)
Cameron Lawrence-2.2166DALDAL(P)
Brian C. Smith-2.375BUF
Donte Savage-2.394GB
Zack Nash-2.589ARZ
Tim Shaw-2.799TEN
Jason Williams-2.8107CAR
Chris McCoy-2.9118PHIJAX
Baraka Atkins-3.5165NO
Keith Pough-3.642BUF
Travis Long-3.791PHIPHI(P)
Frank Beltre-5.7119SD
Caleb McSurdy-5.9134DAL
Jamie Blatnick-6.295BUFBUF(P)


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