Redskins: Cousins worst game further complicates QB situation

| 11 months ago

Redskins: Cousins worst game further complicates QB situation

PFF-headlinesEver since backup QB, Kirk Cousins stepped in for injured starter Robert Griffin III late in the week 14 Ravens game in 2012 and led the team to an OT win, there have been at least whispers in Washington of a QB controversy. The Redskins gave up a lot to move up to pick Griffin in the 2012 draft, while Cousins was selected later in the fourth round. The former Michigan State signal-caller performed admirably the following week at Cleveland to keep their play-off hopes alive, but went back to the bench after that.

Griffin’s struggles in 2013 coming off the injury have been well documented. Griffin was benched for the final three games of their dreadful 3-13 campaign, leading to Cousins taking over. Cousins played acceptably in the week 15 Atlanta loss, but got considerably worse the following two games (-1.9 and -3.6 passing grades).

Enter this year and the whispers of a QB controversy have become increasingly loud and impossible to ignore. Cousins stepped in for an injured Griffin again in week 2 and proceeded to light up the Jaguars’ and Eagles’ secondaries (+8.2 passing grade combined). Then, Cousins had by far the worst night of his young career (-6.4 passing) last Thursday vs. the Giants, throwing four interceptions, three which came with no pressure reaching him. The closest Griffin has come to that level of play was a -5.2 passing grade in Dallas in week 6 last season. Keep an eye on Cousins’ performance in the following weeks.

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    If only the Redskins had a good QB they could win 5 games instead of 2.

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