Colts: life without Landry

| 3 years ago

Colts: life without Landry

PFF-headlinesThe Colts have been pretty thin at safety this season, but with the news that LaRon Landry will be suspended for four games due to PEDs, it became much worse. Landry hasn’t been off to the hottest start this season, his -2.1 overall and -1.6 coverage grades ranking him near the bottom of the league at the safety position, but he did bring experience that the depth behind him does not. Sergio Brown and Colt Anderson are the two players vying for the interim starting job and between the two of them have seven career starts.

Brown had a few decent games in the 2010 and 2011 seasons, but that was with the Patriots. He hasn’t seen more than 11 snaps in a game since joining the Colts, instead being that much overused term – the Special Teams “ace”. Anderson is in his first season with the Colts after spending his first four with the Eagles. He too was mainly deployed in their special teams units, but did get the last four starts of the 2012 season. The results of those games didn’t prove to be too promising however; he had one positively graded game compared to the other three that were negatively graded.

The Colts have to hope that Mike Adams can continue to play the way he did last week against the Titans (+2.0 coverage grade) because there is no guarantee for help from his safety counterpart these next four weeks.

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