Colts: Landry or Brown?

| 3 years ago

Colts: Landry or Brown?

PFF-headlinesSergio Brown experienced a rough start with the Indianapolis Colts in 2012. He gave up an 80-yard TD pass in the final minute of the Week 3 defeat by the Jaguars, resulting in the creation of a profane twitter parody account of him that still exists today. In 2013 he was an afterthought, playing just a total of 28 snaps on defense.

This season has been much better for Brown though, starting in place of suspended LaRon Landry for the past four games. Brown has performed well, picking up a QB hit and a crucial sack on 4th-and-1 in the red zone. He’s been stout against the run, with five tackles and four stops when lined up within eight yards of the line of scrimmage, for a 13.8 Run Stop Percentage. In coverage Brown has allowed a respectable 0.23 Yards per Cover Snap, and has been far from the liability he was two seasons ago.

The much better-paid Landry has similar stats, including a sack and a hit (on eight less blitzes). Landry’s four tackles and two stops when lining up close to the LoS give him a 6.7 Run Stop Percentage, while he has conceded 0.95 Yards per Cover Snap, both worse than Brown’s marks. Should Landry’s return completely banish Brown back to the bench? Their respective performances suggest it’s a question worth asking.

  • Paul

    If the Colts’ FO had any sense, they’d be drawing up ways to keep Brown playing the safety role, with Landry exclusively playing in the box and replacing D’Qwell Jackson. It couldn’t hurt.

  • Brandon Harnish

    I’ve never understood why the Colts play Landry at FS. Any insight on this, PFF?

    • sonarus

      my guess its because of his speed. He does have nice speed to cover but he lacks change of direction skills. Plus the colts like interchangable safeties that can play both free and strong

      • Brandon Harnish

        Playing Landry at FS is like trying to make Bill Goldberg wrestle a technical match with Dean Malenko, if that analogy makes any sense :)

  • Anthony Greene

    Colts need to keep Brown in there if they want to have any chance of keeping this season rolling. Landry hasn’t performed up to standards.