College Football Focus has Arrived

After years of preparation, the Pro Football Focus team has successfully applied their methods to a full college football season.

| 2 years ago

College Football Focus has Arrived


An innocent remark or a cheeky request?

“What if you guys could do the college game?”

It was an offhand comment from a man we respected working in the front office of an NFL team as we discussed NFL free agency and some of the guys available to his team. It was always something that had us biting our tongue somewhat because we don’t like it when we’re unable to do something.

Fast forward two years and a lot has changed. After an arduous process of trialing, testing, and recruiting that started during the middle of the 2013 season, Pro Football Focus is proud to announced that we have gone to college and finished our first class. 870 FBS games (and a couple of All Star ones) have got the PFF treatment. Every player of every game on every play has been put the under our microscope in a project that we have very originally titled College Football Focus.

Whether you’re a five star recruit at Alabama or a walk on Iowa State you’ve got exactly the same opportunity to impress our graders, and that is the driving force behind “CFF”. We don’t want to follow the pack, but rather find things that others are not. We don’t want to confirm what you know, but make you think. We want to do more and do it more comprehensively.

While there will be no comparable premium section available for subscription to the general public, we will be using the data to generate content that will be free for everyone to read and absorb on the site in the coming weeks. Expect profiles on players. Expect breakdowns on positional groups. Expect mock drafts on what we would do. And expect us to listen to your feedback because we’re all in on this.
College Football Focus is no longer our dream, but our reality. And we hope you enjoy it.

And now, a note from Cris Collinsworth:

When I made the investment in Pro Football Focus I asked Neil Hornsby if it were possible to do the same detailed grades on every player in every NCAA FBS game that Pro Football Focus does for every NFL game.

Less than six months later, our team of 90+ analysts amazingly pulled it off. Twenty-five thousand man hours later, we now have the most comprehensive study of NCAA football ever attempted. Pro Football Focus now partners with both NFL and NCAA teams to provide coaches with opponent scouting, self-scouting, and draft analysis services.

For the first time we are now ready to share most of this detailed analysis with our fans on Pro Football Focus. The same analysts that so many of us in the media trusted during recent NFL seasons, will now be your trusted source for the 2015 NFL Draft and the 2015 NCAA season. We hope you enjoy our coverage as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

-Cris Collinsworth


To start the ball rolling here is a the first podcast where Sam Monson and Steve Palazzolo take you through the process and what you can expect as well as a few player teases of information.

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Here is the first of our player-specific podcasts, analyzing USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams:

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  • Eonizzle

    “no comparable premium section available for subscription to the general public”

    Aaaaaaand my heart breaks.

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    Yeah, but when you are you going to hire some actual statisticians as opposed to just looking at tape?

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    Simply awesome!

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    how is this gonna be feasbile though. Takes a lot more effort to watch college (more games) with less interest. Doesnt seem like the cost benefit is there, but I assume you guys know this already and have made the necessary steps.