College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic RBs

Wes Huber continues a comprehensive college fantasy football preview of FBS teams with the running backs of the ACCs Atlantic Division and their expected value to DFS, devy, and redraft ...

| 2 years ago
Jacques Patrick

College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic RBs

Atlantic Coast Conference – Atlantic Division

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The crafty fantasy players bring an agenda to draft day, not necessarily a strict listing of players, but a checklist of sorts to help overcome unexpected positional circumstances. Many players you intend on targeting will be selected one-or-two spots ahead of your draft position, mostly the result of your reasonable resistance to selecting a player too early. It’s purely how you evolve with the flow of the draft that will ultimately determine roster success.

Is it possible to do well without preparation? Absolutely. It worked out great using that “wing-it” strategy during finals week, didn’t it? Look, we are here to help you reduce your amount of risk to reach success, and the path to that result is in utilizing the numbers. Using statistical data to support your decision-making will ensure emotion is not a part of the equation. It’s not necessary to spend hours writing up elaborate positional lists, as plenty of championship-proven industry veterans will do all of the heavy-lifting for you. Focus on controlling your emotions, allowing your strategy to progress with the unfolding draft, and overcoming adversity.

While most running backs will not outscore the quality quarterbacks, the position holds the most potential for making or breaking a roster. The fantasy scoring instability within modern backfields is ripe with RBBCs made up of timeshares, short-yardage backs, goal line backs, and ever-popular passing-down backs. The obvious value exists with the every-down backs, but how do you ascertain roles in the college game rife with graduations and used-up eligibility? How can you come to a decision on role when the head coach refuses to offer up an accurate depth chart or even release injury information? Difficult questions with a simple one-word answer: NUMBERS.

College Football Focus‘ exclusive grading and signature statistics have been analyzed, scrutinized, and investigated in every possible way to help limit fantasy risk in order to achieve your goals. Using an advanced approach that’s literally years ahead of the industry, this comprehensive series applies the CFF-exclusive data feeds from past player performance to predict future fantasy production. Each individual FBS conference will be systematically evaluated to pinpoint the key players that will impact the DFS (FanDuel and DraftKings), redraft, and devy formats.

Let’s continue researching the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and begin the analysis of the running backs on the Atlantic Divisions roster, listed in alphabetical order by team.


RBs Jon Hilliman / Myles Willis / Marcus Outlow / Tyler Rouse – BC Eagles

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