College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic QBs

Wes Huber continues a comprehensive college fantasy football preview of FBS teams with the quarterbacks of the ACCs Atlantic Division and their expected value to DFS, devy, and redraft fantasy ...

| 2 years ago
Deshaun Watson

College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic QBs

Atlantic Coast Conference – Atlantic Division

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Before beginning the analysis of the ACC quarterbacks, let’s take a few moments to look back on a couple of the historic events related to the conference that molded the game we love so dearly. Many of the teams in the ACC can trace their football beginnings to the late 1800’s, a time when the game was in its infancy. This version of modern football was played very differently at that time and use of the forward pass was considered an illegal play.

The first forward pass actually occurred in a game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and Georgia Bulldogs in 1895. The throw by the punter was actually illegal, but the referee failed to see the pass and allowed the play to stand. The game of football was in dire straits at the time of that innovative play and would eventually help to save the game from an outright ban. After several colleges outlawed the sport (including Duke) and a dissenting public outcry for its reinstatement, a group led by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 would essentially form the NCAA, reaching a middle ground with plans on making the sport safer, headlined by permitting the forward pass.

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