College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic WRs

The ACC Atlantic Division is loaded with playmaking fantasy wide receivers, Wes Huber identifies who to target in DFS, devy-format, and redraft fantasy leagues.

| 2 years ago
Mike Williams

College Fantasy Football Preview: ACC Atlantic WRs

Atlantic Coast Conference – Atlantic

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Taking a look back on the 2014 season, many college fantasy football participants were driven to frustration from, yet another, player remaining in their lineup/s despite being inactive for the game.

A common occurrence throughout the season and mainly the result of inadequate intel regarding, not only the upcoming availability, but when the injury even occurred. At PFF and CFF, we track the involvement of every player on every play for every NFL and FBS team. Not only are the statistics, participation, and performance recorded, special attention is also payed to identify when a player is injured.

The membership of 128 teams in the FBS results in 1200+ games played during a given college football season. An impossible number of games for any individual to watch and an equally more impractical of a task to track the results. With a full roster of our own at PFF in place to record every detail, we have a unique ability to offer these alluding factors plaguing the game. As this information is tracked in real-time during the upcoming college season, PFF subscribers will be given exclusive access to the injury information to make the correct DFS (FanDuel and DraftKings) calls to reach paydirt.

Let’s continue researching the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) split into the Atlantic and Coastal divisions and begin the wide receiver analysis of the Atlantic rosters, listed in alphabetical order by team.


WRs Sherman Alston / Charlie Callinan / Thadd Smith – BC Eagles

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