CIN-OAK grades: Raiders D-Line strong in loss

DE Justin Tuck and NT Dan Williams both posted overall grades of +7.0 and higher.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

CIN-OAK grades: Raiders D-Line strong in loss

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Bengals-Raiders game, including the highest graded players from each team:


– DT Geno Atkins appears to have returned to his pre-injury form. His +6.6 overall grade (one sack, four hurries, and a +2.1 run defense grade) was his best since his ridiculous 2012 campaign, when he earned a +73.6 cumulative grade. Gerald McCoy ranked second among defensive tackles that season with a +24.2.

– QB Andy Dalton (+2.6) took full advantage of the protection that his offensive line afforded him with an efficient performance. Dalton was pressured just six times, and was 25-30 on passes thrown less than 20 yards. WR A.J. Green (-0.3) also dropped a touchdown that would have made Dalton’s stat line look even better.

– TE Tyler Eifert earned a career-best +3.1 grade after missing nearly all of 2014 with an elbow injury. Eifert caught nine of 10 passes thrown his way for 104 yards and two touchdowns. A dropped pass was the only blemish on an excellent start to the season, as the Notre Dame product forced a pair of missed tackles after the catch and earned positive grades as a blocker.

Top Performers

DT Geno Atkins (+6.6)
CB Adam Jones (+4.1)
LG Clint Boling (+4.5)
TE Tyler Eifert (+3.3)
LT Andrew Whitworth (+2.8)


– While OLBs Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith have the talent to form one of the best tandems in the NFL, it was a quiet start for each as pass rushers. Mack (+2.1) earned positive grades in run defense and pass coverage, but finished with just two hurries in his 28 pass rushes. Smith played 30 total snaps to Mack’s 60, picking up one QB hit in 21 rushes.

– QB Matt McGloin replaced Derek Carr after the starter suffered a hand injury, earning a -3.3 grade as the Raiders struggled to move the ball. McGloin was one-for-five for 14 yards on passes thrown more than 10 yards, including an ugly interception. The Bengals did a nice job bottling up rookie WR Amari Cooper (-2.7), who finished with five catches for 47 yards and a dropped pass on nine targets in his debut.

– NT Dan Williams (+7.1) and DE Justin Tuck (+8.2) were absolutely dominant throughout the game. Williams had Bengals C Russell Bodine (-1.6) on skates for most of the game, and Cincinnati RT Andre Smith (-4.2) was no match for Tuck, who recorded two batted passes at the line and a +5.0 run defense grade.

Top Performers:

DE Justin Tuck (+8.2)
NT Dan Williams (+7.1)
LB Khalil Mack (+2.1)
HB Taiwan Jones (+2.1)
HB Latavius Murray (+1.3)

  • Alfredo Cota

    Losing Jelly early on was a big blow. And Musgrave abandoning the run in favor of some dink-dunk made the game impossible to win.

    • Johnny Rotten

      I agree Musgrave abandoned the run too early but you can’t blame him for the short passes. Carr did this a bit last year and he’s been doing it all preseason and in the first regular game. As soon as the ball is snapped Carr just locks onto the receiver closest to him. There’s other receivers running deeper routes but he’s doesnt look their way. He’s not being patient and he’s not scanning the field. He just throws it straight through the nearest receiver so all you see are short passes. Carr has all the talent in the world and he has receivers that are just as talented as anyone but it won’t matter at all if he doesn’t give them a chance to get open.

      • Alfredo Cota

        Yeah, he looks paranoid at times, but other (few) times he displayed poise and pocket awareness. Is this a confidence issue? Or just inconsistency?

  • Anthony Kreinbrink

    Tuck had two batted balls because he couldn’t get a dogfart’s worth of pressure on Dalton. Whoop-dee-doo for having long arms! The Bengals racked up nearly 140 yards rushing, and PFF is handing out glowing Raider run defense grades??? You might want to recalibrate your metric there, little buddies.

    • Johnny Rotten

      A couple players on the D line were good against the run it just doesn’t matter when everyone stinks it up. That’s why they ran all over them.

    • Malachi

      go away

      • Anthony Kreinbrink

        You have a problem with the truth?

        • Malachi

          no, you do, obv. go read an espn article for “the truth” your seeking

          • Anthony Kreinbrink

            Ha! ESPN can’t get its lips off the asses of its half-dozen or so darling teams that can do no wrong no matter how shitty or devoted to cheating they are in reality. ESPN is a waste of time for anyone with more than 6 brain cells left to rub together and former coherent thoughts.

          • Malachi

            hence my point, lol, but well said

  • Henrique Oliveira

    “Dalton was pressured only six times”
    0 recorded sacks
    1 TFL



    • SuperRaider

      lol, that’s cause they blitzed twice the whole game.

      • Aubrey Pirtle

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      • Anthony Kreinbrink

        With the plethora of solid options available for Dalton to choose from, and the quickness with which he delivers the ball, the Raiders had little opportunity for blitzes without getting shredded even worse.

      • Dan

        The blitzed 0 times