Fantasy college football rankings

In the first installment of CFF's 2015 college football fantasy rankings, Wes Huber provides redraft-format positional tiers in sequence to aid your drafting needs.

| 2 years ago
Elijah McGuire

Fantasy college football rankings

With less than a month before the beginning of the college football season, College Football Focus’ inaugural 2015 rankings will kick off with a skill position examination. The players are ranked in order by position, as well as within tiers, to provide an easy reference for use in redrafting formats. It is very important to keep in mind that every set of rankings must be considered for adjustment to individual roster and/or scoring systems, and also the significance of drafting a team that will bring you the most enjoyment throughout the season.

Below you will find four tables ranking QBs, RBs, WRS, and TEs with the intended redraft-format utilizing standard rosters (1 QB|2 RB|3 WR|1 TE) and standard scoring with 0.5 PPR. The order was determined systematically while combining data from the individual college conference positional previews, with the determining ranks using factors such as (in no particular order): individual ability, opportunity, offensive philosophy, surrounding talent, previous history, injury, positional competition, and suspension.

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  • Dan Fitch

    You really think Delton Williams will have good season?

    • Wes Huber

      Much more important than what I think is deciphering the numbers to determine how he will perform. Click here to see why the metrics place him at this location within the rankings. As long as he has truly put his legal and discipline troubles behind him, Williams should prove to be the best option on the team until Scott can get up to speed.