CB Spotlight – Avoid/Exploit

Tony Pisano shines a light on five cornerbacks you should avoid, and five you should exploit.

| 3 years ago
Washington Redskins v Denver Broncos

CB Spotlight – Avoid/Exploit

Washington Redskins v Denver BroncosThe term “shutdown corner” is thrown around often by talking heads and on social media. What does it mean? Is it just a term used for the best cornerbacks in the league? Does it mean they shutdown their side of the field? Does it mean they cover the best receiver all over the field? In my opinion it is a meaningless term that gets thrown around as an attention grabber. Has there ever been a shutdown corner? Deion Sanders is widely considered the best cover-corner to ever play the game. Advanced stats and game charting wasn’t really around (to my knowledge) when he played. Did he really shut receivers down? Or is that just how it appeared? Often times I watch a game live and don’t notice a cornerback playing well. I then re-watch with all my focus and attention on the cornerback/wide receiver matchup and see he completely dominated in coverage.

I have compiled a list of five cornerbacks that you might want to avoid if your fantasy receiver is going to be matched up against them. Certain receivers you simply cannot bench, but there are times where you are between two players on a flex play where information like this can be the difference between you winning and losing.

Five cornerbacks to avoid:

Chris Harris Jr., Broncos

This is a classic case of a cornerback flying under the radar. He plays on the same team as Aqib Talib and rookie Bradley Roby and as a result nobody is talking about him. As the advanced stats show Harris has arguably been the best cornerback in the NFL so far this year.

Targeted 27
Catches Allowed 10
Yards Allowed 93
Yards Per Target 3.44
QB Rating Against 31.9
Incompletions Forced % 52%
Interceptions 1
Touchdowns Allowed 0

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