CAR-SEA Grades: Impressive Newton throws game-winner to drop Seahawks

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Panthers’ 27-23 win over the Seahawks.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

(AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

CAR-SEA Grades: Impressive Newton throws game-winner to drop Seahawks

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Panthers’ 27-23 win over the Seahawks:

Carolina Panthers

– QB Cam Newton (+4.9) posted his fourth game over +1.0 and a nice rebound out of the bye week after his lowest-graded game of the season in Week 4. Connecting eight times on throws aimed more than 10 yards downfield before taking advantage of the Seattle coverage bust on the game-winner, Newton was on target with the majority of his patented fastballs.

– It was a rough afternoon for RT Mike Remmers (-5.2), as he was beaten handily by Seattle DE Cliff Avril. Giving up six hurries (four to Avril, one was erased by penalty), Remmers proved mostly susceptible to the bull rush. The most damaging example being at 4:20 of the first quarter, where Avril drove through him to get a piece of Newton’s arm, sending a fluttering ball into the waiting arms of Kam Chancellor.

– DT Kawann Short (+5.4) not only continued his run of big grades and maintained his place among the league’s leading interior defenders, he also filled up the stat sheet. His six total pressures (two sacks, a hit and three hurries) were joined by a batted pass, three defensive stops and two more pass rush wins where the pass was away before he could register pressure.

Top performers:

C Ryan Kalil (+5.5)
DT Kawann Short (+5.4)
QB Cam Newton (+4.9)
G Andrew Norwell (+4.3)
LB Luke Kuechly (+3.5)


Seattle Seahawks

– QB Russell Wilson (+5.0) and TE Jimmy Graham (+3.0) appear to be finding their groove. The two connected eight times against the Panthers, and more than once had to react on the fly to make a play work—doing so in unison twice in the fourth quarter of a tight game, like you’d expect to see from longtime teammates.

– As mentioned above, DE Cliff Avril (+4.4) had his way as a pass rusher, but he also took care of Remmers and the Carolina tight ends in the run game, four times beating blocks to record a tackle for loss or short gain. Avril has graded well in each game this year, but this was the first time his work against the run (+2.6) had produced a higher grade than his pass rush (+1.5).

– An eventful night in coverage for Seattle safety Earl Thomas (+4.6), as all three of the first-half targets that came his way were knocked away (two passes defensed) or intercepted and his lone challenge in the second half was the fourth-quarter coverage mix-up that saw the game slip away.

Top performers:

QB Russell Wilson (+5.0)
TE Jimmy Graham (+3.0)
S Earl Thomas (+4.6)
DE Cliff Avril (+4.4)
S Kam Chancellor (+2.3)

  • Zack23

    Maybe Jimmy Graham can be blamed for their leaky defense next.

    • JudoPrince

      The Seahawk defense this game was actually very solid. Their only huge mistake all game was that busted coverage on Olson at the end, but they contested every other passing play the Panthers. They were all over the receivers for the most part but you have to credit Cam for throwing spot on darts downfield all game. Very tight spots he was tossing them into, even as many went incomplete in the first half. This win for the Panthers is more about Cam making great plays than the Seahawks failing.

      • Brandon

        Cam doesnt make a great play unless the seahawks fail. Does he still throw to Olsen if a safety comes down over top of him? Or he is covered up the seam instead of the player sticking to his zone?

        And he didnt throw “spot on darts downfield all game” at all. For most of the game he was floundering when throwing. He had a couple good throws to Olsen, but not many of them were downfield. He missed wide open receivers quite a bit by throwing behind them. He was amazing in the fourth quarter, that hardly counts for the whole game though. His running skills were on display all game, but up until the last quarter his passing numbers were actually quite terrible. No TDs, low completion percentage and a couple INTs. I’m not trying to crap on what he did, just saying that he didnt do what you seem to think he did.

        • David Adams

          We win 5-0 so stop hating.

        • Drew Walters

          I like these posts. They are people forcing hate. Contrary to how you interpreted this – his DARTS were spot on. The 3 bad passes, 1 interception that were cams faults were not darts. They were lofts or off target bad passes. A dart is when he zings the ball in. All of those were on point. I really wish people would complain less when we are winning. Save it for when we start losing at lest. Get behind your team. #keeppounding

  • JT

    Roman Harper probably got like -11…..the rest of the defense was doing its job except Coleman on the one trick play.

  • SeattleSteve

    Props to Cam for getting it done without much weapons/blocking to work with.

  • JudoPrince

    What has transformed the Seahawks team this year is their offensive line; in particularly the middle. They are getting wiped out it seems on every pass play, allowing extreme pressure up the middle. This spells disaster for any team. Russell Wilson’s ably to keep the passing game alive despite this is pretty miraculous. He made some unbelievable plays this game

    • JudoPrince

      Also the Kam Chancellor ‘fluttering’ throw interception came at the 10:50 mark in third, not 4:20 in the first. But yes, Remmers was still obliterated on the play.

    • Joe Doe

      Couldn’t agree more. Maybe you can’t neglect your offensive line in the draft while trading away your best lineman at the same time. Who would’ve thunk?

  • Brett Robison

    Did Seattle throw at Norman even once? I know he had the tackle on Graham in the flat but he wasn’t covering him on the route.

    • UnstoppablePanthers

      Norman was not thrown at once past the line of scrimmage. He was “throw at” twice on screens which resulted in -2 yards

      • Tysan

        You are correct.

  • Dohkay

    Wilson is now 2-13 when the opposition scores 24 points or more and 0-11 when they give up 25+. Not good for a team that’s given up 24+ in 4 of its 6 games already.

    • Worldstar Police Dept.

      Here comes another muthafucka worried about us…

  • PackMaster

    This game proved to me that the Panthers are a legit team. They had a cupcake schedule to this point. Loved to see them win a tough game. Excited to see them play the pack in a couple weeks.

  • Jaguars28

    With my Jags sucking, it’s awesome to see the other ’95 expansion franchise doing well, the Panthers are easy to root for.

  • David S

    I don’t understand these grades at all …CAM has a QB rating of 49 … Yes 49 and he gets a plus 5 ….

    And his spot on darts in the 4th ? He also benefitted from spectacular catches …Funchess snagging that dart out of bounds and Olsen snatching that really high Dart made things much better .

    You Cam fanboys are far worse than the Cam Haters ..

    Remmers. May have had a less than average game for himself ..but the entire line and those backs picking up blitzes gave Cam more time to throw than ..well anyone ibwatched Sunday ..

    Cam is still average at best . Which is fine now ..but he has to really do quite a few things much better if we have a hope of winning the NFC .. and don’t reply he doesn’t have a supporting cast ….He has quality receivers …maybe not the best in the league ..but very few of their catches are easy . Although it does seem they freak out some when one does get close to the numbers …when his arm was hit . He was atvtge very back ofbtge pocket .. he can’t throw on the run …and he the worst at helping his Receivers with ball fakes . He could learn a thing from Russel Wilson on that .. if you run a run option or play action…you have to sell it …

    Don’t get me wrong I like Cam and one day he will be a top 5 QB in the league …but he still has a long way to go … me his best play was the audible that set Stewart out for that long run off tackle …he showed game awareness and made a good decision .. but then again he was handing off to Stewart with a Blitzer already in the backfield …..

    I am excited for the rest of the year …if our I line can put up run numbers like they did we should at least win our conference