Cap Relief: The Value for Money Guys

Sometimes your team just gets themselves a bargain. Khaled Elsayed takes a player from every position who offers the most value for money.

| 5 years ago

Cap Relief: The Value for Money Guys

Bargains. That’s what NFL teams need.

Sure it helps to have your quarterback with the big deal excelling, but you gave him that big deal because that was expected. Seeing that backup guard rise up the depth chart and succeed while earning minimum salary gives the team ammunition to make more aggressive moves while not seeing a drop off in play.

But which guys represent the best value? Well we’re going to look at a players cap hit and attempt to tell you with one player from each position.

(Cap hits are not verified and for the purposes of this article only players entering the league before the new rookie salary cap was imposed qualify).

Quarterback: Tom Brady (NE) – $8m

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many underpaid quarterback outs there. But with a front loaded contract Brady represents some tremendous value relative to his cap hit. He is currently our top ranked quarterback on the year and putting forth another season for the ages.

Honorable Mentions: Aaron Rodgers (GB) – $8.5m and Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – $9m

Running Back: C.J. Spiller (BUF) – $3.5m

If I was an opposing defensive coordinator and I saw Spiller get the ball in his hands I’d be nervous. Very nervous. It only takes one missed tackles or an ever so slight over pursuit and he’s scampering down the field quicker than a hiccup. It’s part of the reason he leads our elusive rating with a ridiculous 138.5 score. Be warned when he touches the ball.

Honorable Mentions: Pierre Thomas (NO) – $2m and Willis McGahee $2.5m

Fullback: Jerome Felton (MIN) – $500k

A versatile performer, the lead blocking of Felton in an admittedly limited role has been impressive. The Vikings have got their money’s worth and then some.

Honorable Mentions: James Casey (HST) – $600k

Tight End: Martellus Bennett (NYG) – $1.5m

It looked like a good deal at the time and Bennett is using the opportunity in New York to put himself in the window for an even bigger contract. His blocking hasn’t been at its normal high standard but he’s shown himself to be a matchup problem in the receiving game.

Honorable Mentions: Greg Olsen (CAR) – $2.5m and Jacob Tamme (DEN) – $1.5m  

Wide Receivers: Percy Harvin (MIN) – $2m

You could take a hit on Harvin of five, six, maybe seven times as much and it would represent money well spent. He is quite simply the most dynamic player in the league at the moment who is a danger every time he touches it. His 529 yards after the catch is more than all bar 15 receivers have managed full stop, and his 21 forced missed tackles are 12 more than any other receiver. He’s going to get paid at some point, and paid big.

Honorable Mentions: Victor Cruz (NYG) – $500k and Brandon Stokley (DEN) – 500k

Left Tackle: William Beatty (NYG) – $800k

It has been an encouraging starting tenure for Beatty, and while he missed the early portion of the season hurt, he’s been a big asset since coming into the Giants lineup. He’s currently ranked as our fifth ranked left tackle in the league and given up just a quarterback pressure for every 23.9 snaps he’s in pass protection.

Honorable Mentions: J’Marcus Webb (CHI) – $500k

Left Guard: Zane Beadles (DEN) – $1m

While Beadles isn’t the best pass blocking guard in the league, his work in the run game has taken a big step forward this year. It won’t be look before his pay surges to match some of the better guards in the league.

Honorable Mentions: Donald Thomas (NE) – $700k

Center: Will Montgomery (WAS) – $1.5m

It’s easy to lose how good Montgmery has been with others in Washington stealing the show. But our fifth ranked center in the league deserves credit for his consistently good displays.

Honorable Mentions: Max Unger (SEA) – $900k

Right Guard: Alex Boone (SF) – $900k

The only negative for the 49ers in this situation is that they took so long to get Boone in the lineup in place of Adam Snyder. That aside Boone has been a revelation and is currently our second ranked right guard in the league. The swap of Snyder for him has helped propel the 49ers to the best line in the league.

Honorable Mentions: Jon Asamoah (KC) – $700k

Right Tackle: Sebastien Vollmer (NE) – $900k

It’s not going to be long before Vollmer is paid with his contract ending at the end of the year. He played well enough to make our Mid Season All Pro team and there isn’t a right tackle in the league playing better. Yet nobody talks about him. What gives?

Honorable Mentions: Phil Loadholt (MIN) – $900k

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  • Anicra

    CB Browner SEA 465k and Sherman SEA 510k with SS Chancellor SEA 593k is pretty hard to beat in terms of cap relief.

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  • william

    what about Koa Misi as 3-4 olb

    • Martin

      Miami runs a 4-3 defense this year, so Misi is a 4-3 OLB

  • Anders

    Imo, such a list like this should not include rookie contracts as they will almost always be the best value for the money.

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    How in the world is Victor Cruz not #1?

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    interesting alterraun verner is in this and has a testimonial on the right, but whatever haha