Camp Tour 2012

| 5 years ago

Camp Tour 2012

This year, in order to bring closer to what’s going on in the NFL during July and August, I’ll be embarking on a three-week tour of training camps. It all begins in Flagstaff next Wednesday (July 25th) when I’ll be at Northern Arizona University to see exactly what the state of play is regarding the Cardinals.

After that I’ll be visiting all the West Coast teams (interspersed with a “quick” 5,000-mile detour to pick up the Saints and Broncos) before flying into Miami early in August and working my way up the East Coast.

To make the whole thing considerably more interesting for all concerned (except, perhaps, him), I’ll be joining Sports Illustrated’s fantastic front man, Peter King for the vast majority of the time.  




A Cunning Plan

My plan is to work with you guys via Twitter (or email) to understand exactly what you want to learn from each of these camps and then relay the findings back on Twitter or via my daily blog. In essence:

●  The day prior to each visit: I field questions regarding that team

●  On the day of the visit: answer as many questions as possible via Twitter

●  The day after each visit: publish a quick update answering some of the more in-depth questions. You know, the stuff that doesn’t fit easily into 140 characters

If I can take some specific questions to individual players, rest assured I will but, as you may expect, nothing can be guaranteed in that area.


Interact Away

So if you want to be involved make sure you’re following me on Twitter (@PFF_Neil) and send any questions you may have to me regarding the teams the day before I arrive. I’ll do my best to answer as many as humanly possible and if I don’t have a clue, I probably know a man who does.


The Schedule (Part I)

Below is the first part of the tour but BEWARE, It is subject to change and I apologize in advance if I don’t get to a team originally scheduled.


July 25 – Cardinals (Flagstaff)

July 26 – Chargers (San Diego)

July 27 – Saints (Metairie)

July 28 – Broncos (Englewood)

July 29 – Seahawks (Renton)

July 30 – 49ers (Santa Clara)

July 31 – Raiders (Napa)

August 1 – Dolphins (Davie)

August 2 – ?????




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  • Mr. Boogie

    Great. I look forward to this. For your 49ers visit, I would like to know what you think about the RB’s. That looks to be the most competitive position, with 7 backs competing for 4 spots. Will Jacobs even make the team? How does Hunter look?

  • hugo77777

    I love your site and everything you do and write. My only knock is how can you give any credibiliy to “Sports Illustrated’s fantastic front man, Peter King”??? He is everything you criticize about medias and fans : A know nothing who doesn’t watch games but is highlights reels addict. A man who think sacks, interception and touchdowns are all that matters and that could not care less about OL or DL play.

    Oh and his “football” column about baseball and coffee is so badly written that even I, as a french speaking guy from Quebec, get headache reading it.

    Check your frequentations, ProFootball Focus!