BUF-TEN Grades: Tyrod Taylor Bills’ leading rusher in win

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Bills' 14-13 win over the Titans.

| 2 years ago
Tyrod Taylor

(AP Photo/David Richard)

BUF-TEN Grades: Tyrod Taylor Bills’ leading rusher in win

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Bills’ 14-13 win over the Titans:

Buffalo Bills

– While the stats may not show this, defensive tackle Marcell Dareus (+6.5) constantly created havoc in the Tennessee backfield and had his best outing of 2015 on Sunday. Dareus contributed to the pass rush with two quarterback hits, but his performance in defending the run was even more dominant. He picked up three run stops on 22 run defense snaps; however, he blew up a lot more plays with his disruption behind the line of scrimmage.

– Buffalo Bills players not named Tyrod Taylor (+3.6) really struggled when running the football yesterday. Dan Herron (-2.5) and Anthony Dixon (+0.2) both got multiple touches in the absence of LeSean McCoy, but could not make much of the opportunity. Together with Cierre Wood (-0.2), the three running backs failed to force a single missed tackle on 18 total carries, and Herron also fumbled the ball once.

– While the running backs struggled yesterday, quarterback Tyrod Taylor (+3.6) really shined when he had to beat Tennessee with his legs. He forced a total of five missed tackles in as many runs, excluding kneel-downs at the end of the game. Although Taylor struggled with accuracy on passes early on and earned a higher run grade than pass grade, his deep pass to Chris Hogan (+1.4) on the game-winning drive was one of the best throws made by any quarterback this week.

Top performers:

DT Marcell Dareus (+6.5)

QB Tyrod Taylor (+3.6)

SS Corey Graham (+2.6)

CB Stephon Gilmore (+2.6)

LT Cordy Glenn (+1.5)


Tennessee Titans

– Although cornerback Coty Sensabaugh (-3.5) came into yesterday’s game having allowed a passer rating of only 60.4, which was 14th among all cornerbacks, the Bills did not shy away from targeting Sensabaugh and it paid off for them. The cornerback was targeted three times yesterday, and Bills’ wide receiver Chris Hogan (+1.3) caught all three of these passes for a total of 52 yards and one touchdown. Consequently, Sensabaugh allowed a perfect passer rating of 158.3 to quarterback Tyrod Taylor yesterday.

– While quarterback Marcus Mariota (-1.3) was really accurate throwing within 10 yards—he completed 20 of 24 short passes—he did struggle when he needed to throw deep (only one of his six passes were completed when the ball travelled 10 or more yards). Mariota also struggled under pressure, as he completed only 28.6 percent of his passes when pressured, and also threw an interception and took two sacks on these occasions.

– Similarly to Buffalo’s Marcell Dareus, Jurrell Casey (+2.5) also created all sort of problems for the opposing offensive linemen yesterday. Casey had a team-leading five run stops on 22 run defense snaps, but similarly to Dareus, his play and disruption blew up several other plays behind the line of scrimmage, including a trick play for Buffalo where Percy Harvin was supposed to pitch the football on a reverse, but Casey’s presence forced him to keep it. In addition, Casey showed up rushing the passer, as well, and he recorded two sacks and one quarterback hurry. It is also telling that Tyrod Taylor completed his game-defining 45-yard pass in the fourth quarter, when Casey was not on the field due to injury.

Top performers

LB Wesley Woodyard (+3.3)

RT Jeremiah Poutasi (+3.2)

RE Jurrell Casey (+2.5)

RE Ropati Pitoitua (+1.4)

FB Jalston Fowler (+1.0)

  • Jesse Shepherd

    Tyrod looked like shit the whole game except for 3 runs and a couple of 4th quarter passes and you give him +3.6? How much does favoritism factor into your #s? ridiculous. The hole was so big on that 3rd and 23 that Eli could’ve run for 30.

    • prophetik

      they take opponent defense into account. he missed some easy throws but also made some that were solid, so those balance each other out, and then most of his positive grade was his rushing.

      if you thought tyrod looked terrible yesterday, you don’t really understand how a good defense nullifies a passing game. you should if you watch bills football, though, since the defense has been doing that for several years now.

    • Michael Mackend

      Watch the 3rd down run again. Eli wouldve been taken down at 10 yards.

  • aaronaperson

    I call b/s. Taylor with a 3.6 in a squeaker over the sorry-ass Titans, Brady gets a 1.1 in a (admittedly not perfect, but flawless still) beatdown over the ‘Boys? Ya’ll employing imaginary stats to come up with this trash?

    • jason witten

      Im surprised Brady even got a 1.1. He didnt do anything the whole game. He was throwing to wide open receivers. I don’t know about Tyrod though but as a Dallas fan that watched every snap, I didn’t see Brady do anything.

      • aaronaperson

        And hitting them- like Edelman in stride. Do they subtract the non-existent backfield from his score? He had maybe 2 bad throws, and the why-not lob to Slater meant next to nothing to the outcome.

      • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

        brady actually had an initial grade of -0.7 before they got the all-22 film graded too

    • Allen

      Flawless and perfect are synonyms..

      • http://careersreport.com Johnathan Alba

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      • aaronaperson

        An ellipsis has three periods…

        And grammar snob is a synonym to jack-off. Particularly when calling out imaginary errors. Context clarifies meaning.

        • Allen

          You said “Not perfect, but flawless still” which is basically contradicting. Doesn’t make me a snob when you’re not making sense

          • aaronaperson

            You must be the type to take sarcasm literally.

            Synonym doesn’t entail exactness in meaning. Flawless in this case simply means “without error.” Hence, context is key.

          • SF

            Got his ass

    • The Mysteries of Bob

      Brady did not play well yesterday.

      • aaronaperson

        Well if that’s what you consider not playing well, I’ll take Brady’s off-days over nearly any other QB at their best. Which at this point, is Rodgers, Palmer and… well no one else really.

        • The Mysteries of Bob

          Of course you do, you are a #patsfan.

          And I didn’t deny hehasn’t played well, still the third best in the season

          • aaronaperson

            Put it this way- if Taylor was 20-27 w/ 10 ypa and accounted for three scores, people would be losing their shit, and if Brady had Taylor’s performance, the headline would read “Brady wills team to victory in spite of himself.”

            So what if he hits open receivers, it’s not his fault the Dallas DBs looked like children in ice skates. Edelman’s long td was a lot on him, but he doesn’t get those yards w/o being hit perfectly in stride by a laser.

  • rogue

    Mariota’s mechanical flaws show up when he throws from the pocket. He throws off his back foot and doesn’t step into his throws. He needs some fixing.